Moto G: Unlocked Android Experience for only $179 (Google takes off the gloves)

While the Nexus 5 was already a bargain at $349 (16GB unlocked), the Moto G at $179 (8GB unlocked) is a screaming, ridiculous, mind-blowing smartphone bargain. Razor/cartridge model anyone?

Moto X not quite a game changer

Moto X is here. But for $199, I'd much rather go for a Droid Ultra. Sure, I can get the latter in blue (but not Bondi!), but I readily admit specs do matter in 2013.

Moto X, a friendly face for Android?

Expect the Moto X unveiling to be accompanied by emotion-based marketing techniques -- videos, smiling kids, feel-good music. Happy Karma for all!

Droid Still Does

How do you like your Android experience: mini, thin or with long battery life?

I’m betting on Motorola X-Phone over Nexus 5

The big question this year is: What smartphone will Google unleash at I/O. The smart money is on a refreshed Nexus. But there's also word of a Motorola X-Phone. Here's what to expect.

New Motorola phone looks… bland

What happened to Motorola?This is the company that rebooted the RAZR brand, and delivered, with the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, arguably the best Androids the market has ever seen.

Pipeline of Motorola Android phones won’t ‘wow’ (Say it ain’t so)

CFO Patrick Pichette then went on to say Google would need to "drain" the pipeline. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to hear about a division that was acquired for $12.5 billion (closed in 2012).

Life after Nexus 4

I'd like to see a thinner profile for the next Nexus. Also, that glass back has to go. It makes the phone unnecessarily slippery. Place it on a countertop or smooth desk, and you're a short slide away from disaster.