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With SportsTap track your favorite teams

Android app of the day: SportsTap

Here I can see that Joe Thornton is projected to score 1 point (a safe prediction) and that the teams are evenly matched (50/50).

Android app of the day: NewsRoom

NewsRoom is one of the best RSS newsreaders available for Android. Rightfully rated 4.5 stars on Android Market its interface is simple and slick, employing swipe action to full advantage. I appreciate that it comes loaded with over 25 available feeds to choose from including major news sources (CNN,...

Google Nexus One: A hangover without the party?

As if the world needs yet one more piece on the new Google Nexus One phone. Well, instead of writing my opinion, or talking up specs, let me try a different approach for today's bit: I'll snip and clip sound bites from around the Web and let you draw your...
Surprise! Nexus One: Google's first smartphone, announced today

It’s official: Google announces Nexus One, runs Android 2.1 on T-Mobile

The worst kept secret of 2010 is more as today Google launched its long rumored, eagerly anticipated Nexus One phone at a press conference at its Mountain View offices. Dubbed a "superphone" by Google, it marks a major milestone in the cell phone industry. It will be available for purchase...
CES 2010 in Las Vegas

Google set to launch Nexus One at CES

Tomorrow is already one of the biggest tech events of 2010; the next will be later this month when Apple will supposedly release its much hyped tablet (iSlate?). Google is set to launch its own Android smartphone called Nexus One at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Manufactured by HTC...

Another 10 cool things about Moto Droid and Android – Part 2

The Moto Droid and Google's mobile operating system Android are proving to be a match made in smartphone heaven. It's been almost 2 months now since I picked up the phone at a local Verizon shop in San Jose. After about 10 years (maybe longer, I can't recall) on BlackBerry...

First impressions: Swype for Android (tested on Moto Droid)

Still in beta, the software has attracted significant attention in recent months.
Best Twitter app for Android

Top 3 Twitter client apps for Android and Droid

A rival to TweetDeck on the desktop, I've been a long-time fan of Seesmic.

Take that Droid and Verizon: Apple fights back with new ad campaign

Set to launch tonight, Apple wants to set the record straight with a new ad campaign for its flagship iPhone. It seems that Motorola and Verizon have found a way to get under the skin of the previously unflappable titan of all things gadget cool. In recent weeks millions of...

Motorola Droid goes Baja

How does the new Motorola Droid phone fare in the rugged terrain of the hot, humid Baja desert? Well, aside from the absence of any Verizon service, remarkably well. And much to other's concern, sans protector or case. The wi-fi feature is great and has allowed me to use the Droid...