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Google Pixel Fold - foldable phone teaser video - May The Fold Be With You

Will foldables work this time around? Or is a killer app still missing?

Something tells me this time it will be different
When will Apple replace Lightning connector with USB-C?
Apple could be developing a smart display

Apple could finally be launching a smart display to rival Amazon Echo, Google Nest

Word is that Apple is readying a smart display for launch later this year. Once again, the rumor comes via Engadget from Bloomberg's Marg Gurman -- a person who seems to have a firsthand view into Apple's product development pipeline and/or marketing plans. In any case, Apple's apparently got a handful...

Apple HomePod, the Sequel: Can Apple get the smart speaker right the second time around?

Word is Apple is trying again, and is expected to relaunch its flagship HomePod smart speaker. Keep in mind Apple already sells a compact version called the HomePod Mini -- that is, in my testing at least, quite good. However, CEO Tim Cook and team would be remiss to sit...
I/O: Live From Shoreline. Join Online May 11-12, 2022.

In Tech: Google I/O 2022 will be virtual with limited in-person audience

This year's edition of Google I/O is slated to take place on May 11, 2022. Like a lot of events in this quasi post-pandemic, semi-normal situation the event will be mostly virtual, but also with an in-person element (at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California). In very Google fashion, the...
New Google Chrome Icon

Trendspotting: New Google Chrome logo all but kills off shadows, gradients

Like a little bit of dimensionality and gradient in your logos and icons? Well, don't look to Google Chrome to satiate your design affections of the past. There's a new look in town. And it's flat. Very flat. With its updated Chrome logo and icon Google has totally embraced a flat motif....
Apple iPhone Depreciation report value

Trendspotting: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max depreciates less than other phones (Report)

Tracking the secondary market gives us a pretty good idea how consumers value (or don't) a particular product. In the case of the phone market, it looks like Apple is still leading the way in terms of depreciation (9to5Mac). Per trade-in site SellCell, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max leads...
Echo Show 15 for family organization - Amazon
Microsoft Duo 2 is an expensive folding phone
Amazon starts selling TVs

Amazon TVs? Not much of a surprise there

Welcome to Planet Amazon.