Apple iPad

Breffo iPad Stand

iPad Stand Review: Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet

Differentiating feature: Cunning, spider-like moves. Signature move: Cloaking your iPad in a rubberized grip of certain death -- albeit comfortable and stable.

Review: Vogel’s mount and cover system for iPad

How versatile is the Apple iPad? Check out Vogel's new mount and cover system for a quick reminder of the number of applications that suit this incredible tablet.
Apple iPad 2 launch San Francisco

Apple says competitors “flummoxed” – unveils iPad 2 (Verdict: Decent, but really iPad 1.5)

This morning in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally unveiled the sequel to the iPad ("Apple's third post-PC blockbuster"), the follow-up to the monster hit of 2010. His appearance in light of recent health concerns was perhaps the biggest surprise of the otherwise predictable event.
Apple iPad 2 March 2, 2011

Apple iPad 2 announcement expected next week

By the time the competition finally gets to market with their 1.0 tablets, Apple will already be shipping second generation. A 14-18 month lead time in the tech market is simply unheard of.
Wired magazine on Apple iPad

Apple sets sights on publisher profits

Publishers, in essence, pay a 30% fee for the marketing and technology capability that Apple uses to draw in new customers. But is Apple being overly restrictive?
The Daily Launch New York

Rupert Murdoch launches The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper

The Daily is available starting today for $0.99/week or $40/year.

Buttonless iPad 2 should also lose bezel, battery

Jobs is notorious in his quest for minimalist design.
Apple iPad

Survey: Apple iPad continues to pummel traditional print media

Keeping up with news and current events is the most popular use of the Apple iPad.
Amazon Kindle 2 and Apple iPad

Do consumers prefer Apple iPad over Amazon Kindle?

Over the last three months the iPad has doubled its market share to 32% while Kindle has fallen 15% to 47%.
Apple MacBook Air

Why Apple should make an iPad Air

I believe only Apple can pull-off this product design. But I'm not convinced they would want to... would it make business sense?