Apple iPhone SE $399

The real reason why Apple introduced the smaller iPhone SE

The environment. Yay!Health. Yay!Okay, now about that new iPhone...For the first time since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, Apple did something it had never done before: launch a new version of an iPhone with a smaller screen. Traditionally we've come to expect Apple to introduce an updated iPhone...
Google Nexus 6

Google: Please give Nexus devices removable storage!

For the love of portable movie and music collections everywhere, just do it... pretty please.
Sundar Pichai - Google I/O

Google I/O developer conference set for May 18-20 – What can we expect?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai this morning told all, via Twitter, that the company's annual I/O developer conference would take place May 18-20.This time, however, the show, which provides insight into Google's future product plans in addition to hands-on access to early betas and developer tools, will take place in...
Nexus 6 - Best Android Smartphone of 2015

Best of Android 2015: Top smartphone

When best doesn't necessarily mean best specs.
Microsoft Arrow - Home Launcher for Android

Art of Simplicity: Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android (Hands-on)

"Your relationship with your phone doesn’t have to be complicated," says Microsoft. Case in point: the company's new Arrow home launcher for Android.
Android 6.0 Marshmallow - What's new and download links

How to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow right now

It's Marshmallow day. And that can mean only one thing: a stampede to Google's Android images pages. There us eager early adopters can find links to download Android 6.0, aka "Marshmallow."Long-time Nexus users know the drill. Those new to Nexus should follow these instructions before attempting to upgrade your phone...
BlackBerry Priv Android-based Smartphone

“We have new life,” says BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry chief John Chen explains why he's turning to Android operating system for new "Priv" phone.
Apple WatchOS 2 - Nightstand Mode

5 things Android Wear can learn from Apple WatchOS

WatchOS 2 is here, and improves significantly upon the Apple Watch, a wearable that if not necessarily a smash hit, at least gets the idea of a smartwatch mostly right. There's a lot to like with WatchOS 2, especially native apps, and I'll have more soon after I've spent...
Moto G - Android Lollipop

Mobile Adoption: Apple iOS 9 at 50% vs. Google Android Lollipop at 21%

Apple users upgrade their phone software faster. But many suggest that Android's so-called fragmentation actually works in Google's favor.

Top 5: Best unlocked Android smartphone deals

Welcome to unlocked Android la la land.