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Clinton directs and shoots videos for Stark Insider. Passions include San Francisco arts, Silicon Valley, tech, and camera gear. Peloton: ClintTheMint. More about Clinton Stark: Bio | IMDB | Gear
Tesla Model S Plaid and the supercar performance paradox

Sure, Dodge can make a Challenger EV – but please don’t call it a Tesla killer

In a new world of EVs the supercar performance paradox revealed.
Apple Plans Faster Watch, Future Temperature and Glucose Sensors

New Apple Watches to feature more sensors, rugged sports edition

Fitbit and Garmin are potentially vulnerable targets for Apple's market leading wearables.
Apple’s all-online Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 7 with keynote address

iOS 15: Apple Focus and grouped notifications based on location, time of day is pretty slick

CEO Tim Cook kicked off Apple's annual developer conference after several creative mocked up versions of the opening as directed by various filmmakers. Once the real Tim Cook took the stage -- in front of a packed auditorium of raucous emojis no less -- it was time to get...

Amazon Prime Day: Best mirrorless and DSLR camera deals

Update #2: More Prime Day camera deals added to end of this article. Scroll down to see the sales. Update: Amazon Prime Day is now live. Tracking camera deals, see list below. Once again Stark Insider will be tracking the best mirrorless and DSLR camera days for Prime Day. Amazon has announced...