Clinton Stark

Clinton shoots videos for Stark Insider. Interests include San Francisco Bay Area arts, Ingmar Bergman and French New Wave, and chasing the perfect home espresso shot 25 seconds at a time (and failing). Peloton: ClintTheMint. Camera: Video Gear
Gaggia Classic Pro - First Impressions Review and Test

First Look: Is the Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine still worth it in 2023?

Yes, the hyperbole is true, at least in terms of brand awareness. The Gaggia Classic Pro reigns as the gold standard of entry level at-home espresso machines. There's simply no escaping this iconic Italian. If you're Googling for best espresso machines and diving deep into Reddit for recommendations for...
DeLongh coffee machine revenue Q1 2023 results - market trends

Trendspotting: De’Longhi revenue falls as coffee machine market struggles post-pandemic

Like a lot of industries the coffee and espresso machine markets saw pandemic booms. Now that is apparently being followed by a caffeinated hangover. De'Longhi, which sells consumer products such as the well-regarded Stilosa Espresso Machine for home, is the latest coffee machine maker to see a sales decline. Per...
TIMEMORE Digital Espresso Scale Auto Timer - Review

TIMEMORE Digital Scale: Can it help dial in your espresso workflow?

TIMEMORE Digital Espresso Coffee Scale (2022 Version) 4.5 out of 5 stars - Highly Recommended Summary: TIMEMORE offers a lot of bang for the buck with this updated espresso scale. If you care about getting your espresso shots just right, and dialed in, this is an outstanding value and choice. Retail: $58.99...
Evaluating the quality of espresso on a Jura Z10 espresso machine.

Jura Z10: A list of all the drinks, cold brews you can make with Jura’s automatic home espresso machine

The Jura Z10 is one of the most feature-packed and best automatic espresso machines you can buy today. In or first look, we were impressed with the quality of the espresso shots the Z10 produced. But even better: it can make up to 32 different espresso drinks and specialties. With...
RED Komodo-X Camera Launch Spec Details DSMC3 cinema camera

RED teases new ‘Komodo-X’ digital cinema camera, 5/16/23 announcement

UPDATE 05.16.2023 - RED Komodo-X is here. Most of the anticipated features have come to fruition -- including 8K/80 and 4K/120, locking RF mount and CFExpress Type B memory cards -- largely in part because they were revealed in trickle like fashion over social media across the past few...
Seattle Coffee Gear Store at Stanford Shopping Center exterior view

The Seattle Coffee Gear experience at Stanford Shopping Center

Did you know Seattle Coffee Gear has a showroom... in the San Francisco Bay Area? Located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, the store is a candy store of curiosities for fans of espresso machines and coffee. That's at least what I discovered this weekend on a visit....
Google Pixel Fold - foldable phone teaser video - May The Fold Be With You

Will foldables work this time around? Or is a killer app still missing?

Something tells me this time it will be different
Jura Sale - Touchscreen display on the Jura S8 automatic espresso machine

Coffee Machine Deal: Jura S8 on sale with huge discount

If you're looking to buy one of the best automatic coffee machines on the market now might be a great opportunity. The Jura S8 is on sale right now on Amazon -- at a whopping 46% off. Yes, you read that right. That represents a savings of about $1,000 (!) off...
Peloton plans 2023 rebranding, tiered subscription model, asset-light future

Peloton to relaunch its brand, focus on subscriptions

Is an asset-light future for the struggling company a possibility?
Eureka Mignon Specialita grind adjustment knob

Eureka Mignon Specialita Espresso Grinder: First look and test

First look and impressions of the Eureka Mignon Specialita espresso grinder. Eureka is one of the storied brands in the world of coffee and espresso grinders. Founded in 1920 the Florence, Italy based company has a reputation for delivering strong price-to-feature value propositions, without sacrificing quality. At least this is...