Back to business, now that the 4th and festivities are behind us. It was a quieter affair here in south San Jose, possibly a combination of the poor economy, cooler evening breeze and extra security our community hired to patrol the hill. In the past, revelers walked the streets and fireworks went off until the early morning hour. Not so this time. We admit it was kind of nice to enjoy a subdued evening.

For those interested in adventurous world travel, check out Carl’s entertaining series on his trip to Bhutan which features the worst cyclone to hit Para in 140 years!

Plus, a wonderful story from Brytanie and Kyle who celebrated their honeymoon in Loreto and wrote a special article on their trip. They had written in to SSC a few months back, and we traded emails about their upcoming trip. And it sounds like they enjoyed all that is the beauty and charm of Loreto.

July is shaping up to be one of the busiest months on record for StarkSilverCreek in terms of event coverage. We’ll be heading up to wine country including Napa, Sonoma and Livermore several times. On the Arts scene, there are some opening nights and premieres we’ll be attending as well. At the end of the month is the Wine Blogger’s Conference in Sonoma which is shaping up to be an influential event, if even only in its second year.

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