Will you be tasting sinful Zins and mingling with winemakers in your future? You will if you are one of the lucky winners of a pair of tickets to ZAP’s ‘Zinfandel Grand Tasting BBQ’ in Seattle (July 26-27) or Portland (July 29). The contest is closed and the winners selected.

Drum roll please for the lucky winners of pairs of tickets to this Zinfandel paradise…

Seattle Event (July 26-27)

  • Tracy Premo
  • Linda Kuehl
  • Jean Jost

Portland Event (July 29)

  • Leslie Green

Congratulations all! You will be getting emails from yours truly with details on your prize.

For the astute reader, you will note that we only have one winner for the Portland event. StarkSilverCreek still has two more pairs of tickets for July 29.

Where are all the Oregon Zin lovers? Maybe they’re too busy with all the micro-breweries out in Portland?

Take a step onto the wild side and try a couple of glasses of Zins at this ZAP event. Fill out a “Contact Us” form if you are interested and we will hook you up.

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