Sonos Beta 6.4 App Update - What's new?

Sonos app update is all about flow of music

The best gets even better.

Sonos updates Android App with modern, flat UI (Review)

I gave the beta Sonos Android app a spin on my Nexus 5 and came away impressed. Universal search is a welcome addition and the new look is clean and modern.

Sonos now streams music from your Android

Tap "This Mobile Device" on the Sonos app for Android and you can navigate content on your phone, and then select play to send it the Sonos.

Sonos software update a winner

Color me impressed. The 4.0 update rocks. I've got a Sonos 'Connect' hooked up via a honkin' Onkyo TX-NR809 receiver to my whole home audio system which consists of 6 pairs of speakers both inside and outside the home. In a word: nirvana.

Sonos now supports Amazon Cloud Player (Bellissimo!)

Why the big deal? It means you can stream tracks without the need for a server or host PC.

Hands-On ‘Songza’: New curated music service takes on Pandora, Spotify

Songza, I discovered, is a startup in New York City whose staff includes software engineers, and music experts... and what any self-respecting startup also considers core to the business: "absurdly talented dancers."

Amazon to add Sonos, Roku support to Cloud Player

Sonos users, rejoice. Soon you'll be able to stream your personal music files via the cloud, instead of from a local hard drive.

Let the Android Music Play: Spotify vs. Pandora

Just take me to Echo & The Bunnymen for a moody drive on a foggy SF evening; or maybe some incredible Janelle Monáe when highway 101 is at (another) standstill.
for PC or Mac - Review

Sonos, now even better

The new look is a winner. Soft blues and quiet greys provide a pleasing aurora. Everything is right where you'd expect it to be.
Sonos U2

Hands-On: Sonos system software 3.6 update

I gave the new Slacker service a spin. It's now included free as part of the 3.6 update. In a word it's great.