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Netflix on Android

Verizon advances. Netflix, please run like hell!

Netflix is a recognized brand, and if the service is offered as part of a service plan, it could signal a sea shift in the way consumers evaluate traditional cell phone carriers. Could it be that Verizon's ultimate competition become massive content distributors such as Amazon?
Netflix gives up - reverses course

Netflix capitulates

Hear that?! That's the HBR case study being written up for MBAs on how not to handle customer communications.
Netflix spins off DVD business, calls it Qwikster

Netflix: Dumping a (cute) dinosaur?

Netflix and Hastings know you can only optimize a mail room so much. It's a logistics business. And we know those are best with scale.
Fiber Optics - can you see the light?

Netflix USA – In pursuit of pricing models, network capacity

The "Neflix Effect" - it really could be called the "Profit Effect" or the "Profit Motive" because it's all about low variable costs for provisioning additional subscribers, and the flow of nice juicy profit margins that follow.

Amazon takes on Netflix with Prime on-demand service

When Amazon is serious about market share, they can be ruthless. Remember, this is the company that was just selling books not that long ago. It's a clever move that leverages Amazon's core strength: volume.
Netflix and Hulu

Ditch cable for Netflix, Hulu for only $19/month?

"This will be disruptive to the existing distribution ecosystem"

Top shows and movies now streaming on Netflix

I'm as convinced as ever Los Gatos-based Netflix has a winner here.
Netflix PS3 App review

Review: Netflix PS3 app a winner

Streaming is here. It works, it's convenient, and it changes the game.

Streaming video matures: PlayON, TVersity, Apple TV

Internet TV is finally coming of age. There are several choices to get your content fix without monthly satellite or cable bills.

Netflix: An inside look at the culture of performance and killer instinct

Netflix is not your typical company. After all, these are the scrappy guys, at merely 12 years old, that took down the venerable bricks-and-mortar Blockbuster empire—without breaking much of a sweat. That was just an appetizer. Netflix wants to take on anyone that gets in the way of you and...