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Planter Box

In Photos: Planter Box – Alex M. of Lemoyne, PA

According to a quick tally it seems that the plans have now been downloaded over 3,000 times.
DIY Planter Box - Urban Vegetable Gardening comes true

DIY Planter Box: Get your veggies on!

If you want to start your own garden, but have limited space, try my DIY planter box plans.

Solar Update: August 2010, tomato season

A quick glance at this past month's Sunpower performance monitoring graph of our solar panel systems and it is clear we had consistently gorgeous sunny weather.

How to Build a Vegetable Planter Box: Variations on a classic design

There have been over 2,000 downloads, hundreds of comments left in the download request form and numerous emails sent by those that are kind enough to share their results.

Gardening Project: Planting herbs for a window sill garden

While perusing through the aisles at Costco, I come across a large shelving unit stocked with vibrant and irresistible-smelling herbs. Each box comes with 6 herbs. There was parsley, sage, mint, thyme, basil...and basil. The cardboard tray advertised a rosemary plant as well but none of the neatly lined...
Loni's California Kitchen recipes

5 Simply delicious recipes for spring and summer

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, it's time to unleash your inner Iron Chef. There's nothing quite like preparing a gourmet meal and enjoying conversation with family and friends around the kitchen table. We've rounded up some of the most popular recipes from Loni's California Kitchen to...

Vegetable planter box DIY inspiration from T-Bone

  It's Friday and we are heading into the weekend. Here is some inspiration for the ultimate weekend DIY project. One of the most popular downloads on StarkSilverCreek is my plans for a raised vegetable planter box which is located in our gardening section. This note and photo from T-Bone will...

Build a doggie-proof vegetable planter box

Breanna writes: Be sure to add "dog proof" as one of the advantages to your design :) Mojo, Pumpkin, and Snarf won't be getting any of our veggies. Attached are 2 pics of the final result.

Building a vegetable planter box for Mother’s Day

I love getting photos and emails from everyone who has downloaded the plans to my vegetable planter box and built one, two or even three of their very own. These photos come from S. Curry who also took some of the advice from the many comments posted and made...

Solar Update: April 2010, vegetable gardening tips and tricks

The graph for the energy production of our SunPower solar panels tells the story of April. April showers bring May flowers. The various dips in production curve signals days in which it was cloudy and rainy in April. Thanks to the combination of rain and sun, our rose bushes in...