Solar Update: April 2010, vegetable gardening tips and tricks

    April 2010 produced exactly 300 kwh of energy.
    April 2010 produced exactly 300 kWh of energy.
    April 2010 produced exactly 300 kWh of energy.

    The graph for the energy production of our SunPower solar panels tells the story of April. April showers bring May flowers. The various dips in production curve signals days in which it was cloudy and rainy in April.

    Thanks to the combination of rain and sun, our rose bushes in the front yard is in full bloom and this past weekend, we added mulch to our backyard to prepare it for the hot summer season to come.

    I finally got around to purchasing the tomato plants for my vegetable planter box. It seems I am not the only one with the gardening bug as April also saw record downloads of my vegetable planter plans. I love hearing about all the wonderful things you are doing with your vegetable planter boxes and to see the photos of your completed planter boxes.

    For all the gardening tips and tricks, check out my gardening section by clicking here.

    This month also saw the addition of a new pomegranate shrub.