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California DIY Garden Box Plans (Photos)

A simple garden box can be built in a matter of hours, is easy to maintain, and–best of all for many of us–doesn’t require a lot of space.

DIY: How to make your own vegetable planter box (Plans)

If you're ready to embark on your own veggie journey, Loni has created a page where you can download the plans (she refers to it as the Veggie App Store!) to make your own planter box.

Planter Box DIY: Jeff gets a hand from his 4-year-old son (PHOTOS)

This is the first time I've received father-son photos. I had to share them. Look how adorable four-year-old Emmett looks working with Dad in the garden. And check out that little guy's intent focus!

Build a Vegetable Planter Box with these Plans

If you haven't already, this is the perfect time to build your own vegetable planter box. I designed and built one and have been sharing the plans so that you can easily put one together too.

5 Great California Salad Recipes

I have a few simple rules for any recipe to make it on to Stark Insider. (1) It must taste great as assessed by at least two others. (2) The recipe must be entirely original or ...

DIY Project: Vegetable Planter Box (plans, photos)

This planter box, which makes for a perfect weekend project, is not only easy to build, but more importantly, provides several key benefits to would-be green thumbs.
Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable Gardening: Loni’s DIY Planter Box

Whatever you do with the planter box I can assure you that there's nothing quite like pulling out fresh tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers, and making a fresh "farm" to table salad.
Vegetable Gardening - Tips for keeping animals out of your garden

Organic Gardening: Tips for keeping the critters out (video)

Rumor of the juicy tomatoes at Chez Loni's vegetable garden spread as I saw more and more tomatoes damaged from backyard critters.
Urban Planter Box Design

Urban Vegetable Gardening: Inspiration and how-to plans

When Dan K. sent me the photos of what he had built, I was not only impressed, I also knew I had to share it with all of you. He didn't just build one planter box...
Tomato plants in the vegetable garden

Exploring a backyard urban vegetable garden

This may be the tomato harvest that will prove that Clint's efforts were well worth it when he helped me to build by planter box.