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Philips 1200 vs. 3200 vs. 4300 espresso machine comparison, recommendation

On Sale: Philips 1200/3200/4300 espresso machines deals, discounts are here

Patience does pay off. If you've been waiting for a deal to finally buy that Philips espresso machine you've been eyeing now might be the time. Philips has slashed prices on some of its move beloved models. Look for significant savings across the board, including the following deals: Philips 1200...
Breville Group - Lelit Bianca espresso machine

In Espresso: Breville Group plans to bring Lelit to “premium mass channel” in 2024

Fans of espresso maker Lelit take heart. Breville's 2022 acquisition of the company looks like it will mean more investment in the famed Italian brand. Digging through Breville Group's latest annual report and investor presentation (posted yesterday) reveals a few interesting plans regarding not only Lelit, but for the entire...
Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine first look review

First Look: Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine

Today we take a first look and share impressions of the new Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine. When you think of fancy all-in-one coffee machines chances are you might think of Jura. The Swiss brand has established itself as a major player in the market for super-automatic espresso machines...
Brewing a Cortado on a Jura Super-Automatic espresso machine is efficient when it comes to milk consumption

Super-Automatic espresso machines possess a superpower when it comes to milk-based drinks

The promise of a Super-Automatic espresso machine is simple: you get Café quality espresso drinks at the touch of a button. Because beans are ground on demand you get a fresh cup every time when you want it. Pretty nice. Bean-to-cup machines as some call them have been around for...
Best Automatic Espresso Machine for the Office - Jura GIGA 10 wins test

Best automatic espresso machine for small offices, break rooms, start-ups

35 café quality espresso drinks at the touch of a button.
Is the new Breville Barista Touch Impress espresso machine worth it?

First Look: Breville Barista Touch Impress Espresso Machine – an automated barista for the home

If you're looking for an almost fully automated barista for making espresso at home Breville has the answer. The Barista Touch Impress ($1,489 USD) is the Australian consumer products giant's latest machine. And it's very impressive. Sporting a similar l brushed stainless steel look to existing Barista models, you can expect...
Jura Z10 Review - Drink parameter adjustments

Jura Z10 Review: The absolute best super-automatic espresso machine for home or office

Jura Z10 Automatic Espresso Machine 5 out of 5 stars - Highly Recommended Verdict: The Jura Z10 sits at the pinnacle of the home espresso and bean-to-cup experience. From the easy-to-use touch interface to the overall design this is a machine steeped in Swiss tradition. Best of all: the Z10 makes Café quality...
How to make a Cortado in a Gibraltar glass

Home Espresso: A Cortado in a Gibraltar glass is pure luxury

Today we're looking at the iconic Cortado espresso drink served up in a gorgeous Libbey Gibraltar glass. Tired of your daily coffee or espresso routine? Maybe you've been pouring the same Latte style drink at home and are ready for something new. Variety could be the key! Here's an increasingly popular choice...
Illy ESE espresso pods test review

Are ESE espresso pods worth it? We test Illy pods on a Gaggia Classic Pro to find out

Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods are the espresso world's equivalent of Nespresso or Keurig. They enable you to simply pop one into your machine to make an espresso drink without having to grind beans and tamp. Basically, they promise to save time without cutting corners when it comes to...
DeLongh coffee machine revenue Q1 2023 results - market trends

Trendspotting: De’Longhi revenue falls as coffee machine market struggles post-pandemic

Like a lot of industries the coffee and espresso machine markets saw pandemic booms. Now that is apparently being followed by a caffeinated hangover. De'Longhi, which sells consumer products such as the well-regarded Stilosa Espresso Machine for home, is the latest coffee machine maker to see a sales decline. Per...