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Google Fi unveils new unlimited plan for $70/mo, 22GB data before throttling

Google Fi is by far the best wireless plan I've ever used. It's reasonably priced, it's easy to see how much data you've used in a billing cycle, and it's convenient for when I travel outside the U.S. and don't want nasty surprises when it comes to bill time. Now,...
Project Fi on iPhone

Mobile News: Google Fi cell service now available for iPhone (Settings screenshot)

11.28.2018 UPDATE: Fi is officially here for iPhone (5S or newer). You can sign up here. Also, Google has renamed and re-branded the service as simply Google Fi. To activate Fi on an iPhone, insert a Fi SIM, download the Google Fi app, and follow the instructions. You'll need to...
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16-core/32-thread) Desktop Processor

Video Editing News: The Intel/AMD Core Wars are giving us insane power

Processors always come down in price. And we always get more power as well. That's just the way it's always been -- with tech too in general. Innovator Gordon Moore knew that, after research, the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubled every year. Moore's law was born....
Google Project Fi Unlimited Plan - Bill Protection Feature

Google launches unlimited Project Fi plan for $60/month

But there's a catch... (there's always a catch)
T-Mobile Digits replaces phone numbers

What is T-Mobile Digits?

On May 31, 2017 all T-Mobile phone numbers become Digits. What does that mean?

Cure for Android Wear 2.0 delay(s)? Apple Watch

Apple Watch. Question: What is the best alternative for a former Pebble smartwatch owner? It's not the answer I was expecting. But, indeed, after finally relenting, and trying out an Apple Watch for a few weeks, this former Pebbler believes it to be the best available option on the market today....
Mark Fishkin State of the Industry panel at Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF)

State of the Film Industry: Amazon Prime, Netflix, piracy and technology-led disruption

Panel of film industry experts tackle biggest challenges facing filmmakers today at the Mill Valley Film Festival.
Google Pixel smartphones

Google refreshes smartphone brand, launches “Pixel” phones starting from $649

Consumers are accustomed to paying a premium for an iPhone, but will it work for a Google phone?
HTC Google T1 Phone - 2008

Homegrown phone – Is Google aiming to be more like Apple?

Being open is both a blessing and a curse. One the plus side, others can run hog wild. In the case of Google's Android operating system that means manufacturers can build handsets to their heart's content. Large. Small. Cheap. Premium. They can run near stock Android (Moto X Pure) or come...
Google Project Fi Review - Nexus 5X

Google’s Project Fi cell service adds U.S. Cellular

Google continues to expand its fledglingly (and rather superb) cellular service known as Project Fi. T-Mobile and Sprint were original partners. Today, Google announced that it has added a third: U.S. Cellular. Project Fi is a unique service that automatically switches between available cellular networks, in addition to local wi-fi hotspots, to...