Canon EOS 60D


Drone helps you achieve Hollywood helicopter shots with a DSLR

I have a mind to just fly my Canon EOS 60D over to Napa to cover events for Stark Insider from the comforts of my office. If only it had a winch of some kind to haul away a case of Harlan Cab...

Top 10: Best DSLR Accessories for aspiring videographers

I love my EOS 60D, but the T3i and T2i use the same sensor, and can be had for a song. For example, you can get the T3i plus kit lens for only $712. That, my friends, is insanity. Revel while you can.
Jawbone "Up" - the movie was better.

Stark Tech Now: Jawbone Up, GH2 vs. 60D, Asus Transformer Prime, Android spyware

This holiday season expect the Amazon Kindle Fire, the iPad 2, and even some of the more popular, well-priced Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 to go gang-busters at the (virtual) cash register.
Farmers Market - Loreto, Baja California Sur

From the Field: Canon T2i shots from Loreto, Baja

Even with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and EOS 60D now on the market, the T2i continues to impress--and I whole-heartedly recommend it to those looking to get into DSLR. I took it down to the Baja for a few weeks and shot over 1,000 photos.
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Black Friday Deals and Tips: DSLR Camera gear

If you like to shoot video, the Canon EOS T2i is a great pick; I especially like its 24fps mode, and ability to easily mount shotgun mics.
Rode Videomic Pro mounted on a Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Review: Rode Videomic Pro (your DSLR’s new best friend)

A comparison and review of the Rode Videomic and Videmic Pro. If you're a fan of DSLR, and looking to improve sound quality, add these shotgun mics to your short list.
RED Scarlet-X

Red Scarlet-X vs. Canon DSLR – who’d you rather?

Hang on a sec, I thought. I make videos for the web. Also I don't have a DP, a sound guy, craft services or even a storyboard. We do run 'n gun, man; and 1080p (even 720p) is just fine for now.
Cirque du Soleil Totem, San Francisco

Cirque du Soleil: Behind-the-scenes at Totem in San Francisco (video outtakes)

Loni was pleased to report that there was a lot of buff, half-naked men, as seen in this video. I could only find 1 woman, but a sexy one on rollerskates at that!
After a 4 foot dive: That's not happiness to see you.

DSLR: How to remove a bent filter ring

You've just dropped your DSLR camera. The lens filter shattered. The filter ring, now bent, can't be removed. Here's what to do.
Canon T2i with kit lens

Rack and Stack: Canon Rebel T2i, T3i, EOS 60D

T2i is a trusted friend to Stark Insider as I use it for all our videos now. I cringe when I look back to some of the old shaky Vixia footage.