Stark Baja Dailies: Baja Drive (Video)

Baja Highway 1. Loreto Farmer’s Market. Scenes from Loreto Bay. And breakfast at town favorite Orlando’s.

That’s the check-list from today’s edition of the Stark Baja Dailies — the series where I share some of the outtakes from footage we’re shooting in Baja Sur, Mexico with a Canon C1oo Mark II.

If you haven’t been to Loreto before, look it up. It’s often deigned the anti-Cabo. I think for good reason. Here, it’s all about nature, people, and community. If you’re looking for massive clubs, mega-parties, and over-the-top night life, Loreto is not your destination. But, if you love to hike, fish, explore the Baja, and generally enjoy the outdoors, you might be surprised what you’ll discover.

Loreto Baja - Farmer's Market
Farmer’s Market in Loreto, Baja California Sur (Sunday mornings).

I’ve been coming to Loreto for about 10 years now (stories, videos, photos of Loreto I’ve posted over the years on Stark Insider), and this little fishing village is definitely growing up.

There’s now a supermarket (Ley), and even a Costco-like super store (Mi Bodega Aurrerá, owned by Walmart) in town:

Mi Bodega Aurrerá - Walmart in Loreto, Baja, Mexico
Loreto’s first big box store, Mi Bodega Aurrerá.

But the emergence of middle class consumerism hasn’t in the least, thankfully, diminished any of its charm or hospitality. Walk the Malecon, stop in for pescado tacos at El Rey (Watch our video feature The King of Tacos), stroll the tree-lined square, and snap some shots of the historic Lady of Loreto mission, and you’ll quickly discover why one of Mexico’s best kept secrets is finding more fans each passing year.

Town Square at Night - Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Town square of Loreto on a Friday evening.

Meantime, I’ve been shooting like a madman with the C100 cine camera (my first impressions of the Canon C100 II, after shooting with Canon DSLRs for so many years). Taking it everywhere, and admittedly probably more than I should be. Then again, I’m only here in the Baja for a brief time so my goal is to head home with fully loaded SSDs of footage.

Some of the clips you see in these “dailies” will end up in fully produced Stark Insider episodes. At least, I hope. Adding voiceover, music, and editing into cohesive story typically takes some story-boarding, and a few months of work.

California Travel Tips, News, Videos, StoriesStark Baja Dailies – Scenes from Loreto, Loreto Bay and the Baja

#1 – Inside a Loreto Bay Casa

#2 – A Red Dress & Craft Beer

#3 – Nightwalk Loreto

#4 – Wild Blood

#5 – Baja Drive

With that, watch as Loni grabs a ride from Loreto Bay icons Jane and Sharon for a ride up Highway 1 and into town.

Stark Baja Dailies: Baja Drive (Highway 1)

Stark Baja Dailies: Baja Drive from Stark Insider on Vimeo.

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