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Apple Watch could get longer battery life thanks to microLED display

According to reports today Apple is planning to move to microLED displays for the next generation Apple Watch.If so that could mean better battery life. Eventually, per the sources, the energy efficient displays could also make their way to future iPhone models.In addition to increasing battery life microLED should...

Tesla reports Q2 July 24, Model 3 continues to lead EV sales in US (by a wide, wide margin)

Mark your calendars for July 24. That's when Tesla (NASDQ: TSLA) will report its Q2 numbers. Given the surprise Q1 results featuring record production and delivery numbers, all eyes will once again be on Elon Musk.Model 3 continues to dominate headlines. The "entry" level Tesla is selling briskly, and...
Trendspotting: Amazon Echo Dot dominates voice-activated digital assistant market

Amazon sets sights on Sonos, developing rival high-end audio speaker

AI-powered smart speakers are convenient. But, for the most part, they could sound much better.
Canon EOS R vs Panasonic GH5

Trendspotting: Outlook for digital camera market not looking so good

Shipments were down 22% last year and things aren't like to improve anytime soon for the flailing digital camera market.According to a Japanese report, 20 million digital stills camera (DSC) units were shipped last year. The trend is y/y declines in sales including 2017 y/y, 2018 y/y and so...
Ryzen 7 3700X for video editing build

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X: An energy efficient option for video editing PC builds

The Ryzen 7 3700K is here. With only 65W TDP could it be a sleeper chip for energy efficient video editing builds?

Trendspotting: MacBook Pro 13-inch on sale for only $1,099

If you're shopping for a MacBook Pro now might be the time to strike.Amazon has the popular 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro on sale for only $1,099 (USD). That's a not insignificant $200 off the regular list price of $1,299.It's a deal to be sure, but not without...
2016 MacBook Pro - Is it worth the cost?

Apple Recall: Your 2015-2017 MacBook Pro may have an unsafe battery

UPDATE: Those who have recently sent in a MacBook Pro to replace a faulty butterfly keyboard probably already have the replacement battery per the below recall. Check your serial # (Apple Menu -> About This Mac) with link below to find out if it affected. If you own a MacBook...
Global Internet User Growth: Report and trends by Mary Meeker

Trendspotting: Internet user growth slows, smartphone shipments decline + other trends (Mary Meeker Report)

Global internet user growth is still growing, but slower than before. Per Bond Capital partner Mary Meeker, year-over-year growth slowed to +6% versus +7% the year earlier.In addition, another -- not so surprising headline -- is also the slowing of smartphone shipments. Android and iOS handsets both saw y/y...

Amazon Showcases Latest Prime Air Drone Design: 15 mile range, 5 pound payload, 30 minute deliveries

And you thought same day delivery was fast?!Amazon today took the wraps off its latest update to the much-hyped Prime Air. Designed to travel up to 15 miles with a payload not exceeding 5 pounds, Amazon says the drone can get products to customers in less than 30 minutes....