Trendspotting: MacBook Pro 16-inch launch looks imminent, holiday sales push for Apple?

More clues are suggesting Apple may soon reveal a MacBook with a larger screen.One report says a new 16-inch version of the iconic MacBook Pro laptop has already shipped to Apple.Launch timing, however, remains unclear.Like the refreshed MacBook Air from 2018/2019 many expect Apple to continue on its mission...
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $0.99 and 1 month of Amazon Music Unlimited for $9.99 with Auto-renewal

Amazon Deal Alert: Echo Dot smart speaker only $0.99 with paid 1 month subscription to Amazon Music

Here's a great deal for those looking for an affordable, do-it-all smart speaker.Amazon is offering the Echo Dot for only $0.99. The deal is good through November 15 or until it sells out -- so you may want to check it out if you're looking to add another speaker...
Google Pixel 4 Quick Gestures

Made by Google 2019: Everything but a Pixel Watch

Will Google ever capitulate and reboot its wearable strategy?
Canon EOS 90D will get 23.976fps (24p) video shooting option with upcoming firmware update

Canon Listens: EOS 90D, RP, M6 II cameras to get the 24p video shooting modes they should have all had from the start

Hallelujah! Canon has listened after all it would seem. Firmware updates to the EOS 90D, EOS RP, EOS M6 II will enable the 23.976fps video recording option that was originally missing from those cameras.Canon is a mysterious company. They make great cameras. No question. But you have to wonder if...
Top 10 brands in the U.S. - Prophet Brand Relevance Index

Trendspotting: Apple #1 top 10 U.S. brand, with #2 coming in as a surprise (Report)

In terms of brand Apple is tops, five years in a row according to this survey. But a "scrappy" Swedish brand is jumping at its heels.
Google Pixel 3a XL Apple XR Samsung S10e lite flagship phones

Google Fi unveils new unlimited plan for $70/mo, 22GB data before throttling

Google Fi is by far the best wireless plan I've ever used. It's reasonably priced, it's easy to see how much data you've used in a billing cycle, and it's convenient for when I travel outside the U.S. and don't want nasty surprises when it comes to bill time.Now,...
Blackmagic RAW plugin for Premiere Pro Effect Controls

Camera News: Yes! Blackmagic adds BRAW support for Adobe Premiere Pro (Free plugin download for Mac and PC)

UPDATE 9.14.2019: More good news for Premiere users and I believe the industry at large (the more compressed RAW formats and choices, the better) as Adobe confirmed native ProRes support will be soon coming to a future release.Good news for Premiere Pro users who shoot on Blackmagic cameras. At...
74% Of U.S. Homes Have A Video Streaming Service

Trendspotting: 74% of U.S. homes have a video streaming service

The era of cord cutting appears to be coming to an end. Most of us, according to a new report, have already left satellites and cable behind and embraced streaming.A new study from Leichtman Research Group -- via PCMag -- says 74% of U.S. homes now have some form...

‘3 Days in Paris’ The Short Film Experience premieres 9.13.2019 on Stark Insider

Bonjour mes amis:We have a launch date. 9.13.2019.That's when 3 Days in Paris -- the short film experience -- will debut right here on Stark Insider.The story begins in January 2017 when Loni Stark and I visited Paris, France. Loni studied art. And I followed here with a camera....