Smart Home

Insteon Dimmer and Keypad Tips Review

Smart Home: Top 10 tips for getting started with Insteon

Already own or considering buying a smart home hub? Clinton Stark shares 10 tips for the Insteon Hub that might help you get the most out of your existing Insteon system or help you understand the hub market and some of the options on the market today.It's the year of...
Apple HomePod: Music is the key

Apple emphasizes music with HomePod – but it’s still an assistant

The assistant wars are heating up. Apple has officially entered with fray.Apple HomePod joins Amazon Echo and Google Home in the battle for the rest of our non-mobile lives. We have search with us on the go, thanks to our Androids and iPhones. But what about the home? Apparently,...
Nespresso Prodigio Espresso Machine - Bluetooth

Nespresso’s new Prodigio espresso machine is Bluetooth enabled

With new Prodigio espresso machine, Nespresso follows in the footsteps of others who are continuing to connect our homes to the cloud and to mobile devices.

Now that Google controls our mobile lives, could our homes be next?

Coming in at $3.2 billion, the News Labs mega-acquisition would be Google's second largest, slotting in between Motorola ($12.5 billion in 2011... ouch) and Doubleclick ($3.1 billion in 2007).