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New Gaggia Espresso Deluxe announcement

In Espresso: Gaggia announces new line of semi-automatic machines with PID

At first blush I wasn't sure if this was a new machine, or simply a standard marketing email. But, it is indeed true: Gaggia has released a new line of espresso machines. The legendary Italian company calls the new, compact machine the Espresso Deluxe. Available in four colors (Storm Grey, Riverway...

New Espresso Machine Incoming: Dilette Bello+

Seattle Coffee Gear just revealed an updated version of its in-house espresso machine. The Diletta Bello+ is a single boiler with PID, shot timer, Eco mode and is handmade in Italy. Available in three colors -- black, stainless steel and white -- the machine is now available for order with...
Lelit Victoria espresso and coffee machine - specs, description, thoughts, comparison to Profitec Go

New Lelit Victoria espresso machine hits the sweet spot

A single boiler with PID for under $1,000 USD. Hello Profitec Go.
Breville Group - Lelit Bianca espresso machine

In Espresso: Breville Group plans to bring Lelit to “premium mass channel” in 2024

Fans of espresso maker Lelit take heart. Breville's 2022 acquisition of the company looks like it will mean more investment in the famed Italian brand. Digging through Breville Group's latest annual report and investor presentation (posted yesterday) reveals a few interesting plans regarding not only Lelit, but for the entire...
Profitec GO vs Ascaso Steel Uno

Espresso Machine Showdown: Profitec GO vs. Ascaso Steel Uno

For today's Stark Insider espresso machine showdown it's the Profitec GO vs. the Ascaso Steel Uno. Or simply: GO vs. Uno! My 18 year-old Pasquini/Bezzera semi-automatic is not long for this world. Though it's been an ever reliable workhorse, I'm ready to upgrade. A lot has changed in the world of espresso...
Best Espresso Accessories - Puck screen

Can a Puck Screen help you make a better shot of espresso?

An inexpensive way to improve water flow distribution and improve espresso quality
Trends: Nespresso catches Keurig according to Google Trends (Google Search)

Trendspotting: Nespresso has caught up to Keurig (at least in Google Searches)

Two pod-based heavyweights battle it out for eyeballs.
Pasquini Livia 90 - Replacing gasket, performing maintenance

How To: Service and clean a well-loved Pasquini Livia 90 espresso machine

Annual cleaning includes replacing the group gasket and a thorough cleaning with some Cafiza powder.