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Profitec GO vs Ascaso Steel Uno

Espresso Machine Showdown: Profitec GO vs. Ascaso Steel Uno

For today's Stark Insider espresso machine showdown it's the Profitec GO vs. the Ascaso Steel Uno. Or simply: GO vs. Uno! My 18 year-old Pasquini/Bezzera semi-automatic is not long for this world. Though it's been an ever reliable workhorse, I'm ready to upgrade. A lot has changed in the world of espresso...
Puck Screen on top of tamped espresso in a portafilter

Can a Puck Screen help you make a better shot of espresso?

An inexpensive way to improve water flow distribution and improve espresso quality
Trends: Nespresso catches Keurig according to Google Trends (Google Search)

Trendspotting: Nespresso has caught up to Keurig (at least in Google Searches)

Two pod-based heavyweights battle it out for eyeballs.
How to clean and service a Pasquini Livia 90 espresso machine

How To: Service and clean a well-loved Pasquini Livia 90 espresso machine

Annual cleaning includes replacing the group gasket and a thorough cleaning with some Cafiza powder.