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Peloton App now offers free tier, Peloton Gym brings anywhere circuit training

As promised Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) today released a key piece of its rebranding strategy for 2023. And that would be the app. It's now officially called the Peloton App. Further, the famous spin bike company is offering it in three new tiers, including a free one: Peloton App -- free ...
Peloton plans 2023 rebranding, tiered subscription model, asset-light future

Peloton to relaunch its brand, focus on subscriptions

Is an asset-light future for the struggling company a possibility?
Peloton Bike sale - Best Price on Amazon - Prime Day Lightning Deal

Peloton exercise bike on sale for lowest price ever

This could be one of the best deals in quite some time. If you've been waiting for a sale on the original Peloton Bike, now's your chance. Originally this Bike sold for well over $2,000 USD. But now Amazon has cut the price as part of its Prime sale and it's...
Peloton Top 10 Best Accessories

Peloton Top 10: Best accessories for your Peloton Bike (2022)

From cycling shorts and fans to heart rate monitors and smart displays. Some ideas on how to maximize the at-home Peloton experience.
Peloton Row - specs, price, delivery, opinion
Peloton news updates reviews features opinion

Peloton News: ‘Invite Friends’ feature expands social possibilities for Peloton owners

The tricky thing about working out at home is the absence of the social element. Gyms, of course, have it in spades. But those of us at home exercising alone might miss out. Peloton has a new feature that could help add some of that social back into home workouts. It's...
Peloton announces new app tiers: free, one, plus. Plus Peloton Gym

Peloton News: Peloton to outsource bike, treadmill manufacturing to Taiwanese firm

Peloton has had quite the interesting -- i.e. rocky -- few years. The once pandemic darling has seen its fortunes change rapidly as gyms re-opened and return to the office became a reality. Meanwhile Pelton Interactive stock (NASDAQ: PTON) is down about 63% from its IPO in 2019. New CEO Barry...
Peloton is showing off its upcoming rowing machine
Peloton product news and feature updates

Peloton News: Listen to ‘Peloton Radio’ while taking a scenic ride

Peloton has quietly rolled out a small feature update that should please many subscribers. Dubbed "Peloton Radio" you can now listen to curated music while on your Peloton. The feature is available for both scenic rides and runs so you can take advantage of this "sonic upgrade" to give you...
Is Peloton going to launch a rowing machine?

Peloton rolls out body activity monitoring feature

Peloton users may have noticed a pop up screen over the last few days announcing a new feature. This one is called 'Body Activity.' and is available on the various Peloton apps as well as the web site where you'll see it under your Overview section as well as related...