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Peloton News: ‘Invite Friends’ feature expands social possibilities for Peloton owners

The tricky thing about working out at home is the absence of the social element. Gyms, of course, have it in spades. But those of us at home exercising alone might miss out. Peloton has a new feature that could help add some of that social back into home workouts. It's...
Peloton outsources bike treadmill manufacturing to Taiwan

Peloton News: Peloton to outsource bike, treadmill manufacturing to Taiwanese firm

Peloton has had quite the interesting -- i.e. rocky -- few years. The once pandemic darling has seen its fortunes change rapidly as gyms re-opened and return to the office became a reality. Meanwhile Pelton Interactive stock (NASDAQ: PTON) is down about 63% from its IPO in 2019. New CEO Barry...
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Peloton News: Listen to ‘Peloton Radio’ while taking a scenic ride

Peloton has quietly rolled out a small feature update that should please many subscribers. Dubbed "Peloton Radio" you can now listen to curated music while on your Peloton. The feature is available for both scenic rides and runs so you can take advantage of this "sonic upgrade" to give you...
Is Peloton going to launch a rowing machine?

Peloton rolls out body activity monitoring feature

Peloton users may have noticed a pop up screen over the last few days announcing a new feature. This one is called 'Body Activity.' and is available on the various Peloton apps as well as the web site where you'll see it under your Overview section as well as related...
Apple Watch on Peloton Bike and Tread

Attention Team Peloton: You can now use your Apple Watch HRM on Bike/Tread

Oddly enough for Peloton subscribers you could previously use your Apple Watch when using the Peloton app on your iPhone or Android phone. No problem. The Watch would relay HRM info to the Peloton app which in turn was estimate calory burn and derive its "Strive" score (level of...
Peloton Bike auto resistance hack - Lanebreak

Here’s one way to get auto resistance on your standard Peloton Bike

'Lanebreak' is a fitness game. But it also unlocks a new feature on your spin bike.
Is Peloton going to launch a rowing machine?

Trendspotting: Peloton could be ready to launch a rower and Tonal strength competitor

Fallen Pandemic star Peloton Interactive, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON) could be soon ready to launch new products. Per the Financial Times, there are two code-named Peloton projects in the works (FT article is behind paywall), and the first new Peloton product could launch as soon as its annual customer conference event...
Designed to work with Peloton products, the Peloton Heart Rate Band optimizes your intensity levels in every class.

Peloton announces new heart rate band, helps track noncompetitive Strive metric

Well I didn't see this one coming. Then again, with Peloton Interactive, Inc (NASDAQ: PTON) you just never know these days. Today the somewhat beleaguered fitness company released its own heart rate monitor. The Peloton Heart Rate Monitor sells for $90 USD and is available with either a small (7.5-10.5 in)...