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The tricky thing about working out at home is the absence of the social element. Gyms, of course, have it in spades. But those of us at home exercising alone might miss out.

Peloton has a new feature that could help add some of that social back into home workouts.

It’s called Invite Friends. You can now invite your favorite “workout buddies” using the Bike, Tread or Peloton App and enjoy your own private leaderboard for friendly competition.

To schedule a ride you send a class invite using the button below the “Start” button on any given class:

Peloton Invite Friends - Here's what you need to know about the new feature.

When everyone joins (invitations appear in the notification section of the interface), Peloton keeps the class in sync — “from the music, to the climbs” — so the workouts will be at the exact same time across all the user’s devices.

Peloton Invite Friends feature shared classes

Further, you can tag the social ride as an “occasion.” Examples include a Milestone Ride, Century Ride, Birthday Ride, Celebration Ride, Team Ride, among others. Pretty neat.

Overall, it’s a simple and useful feature. Invite Friends enables you to do exactly that: invite your friends to workout together in a private class with a shared leaderboard.

It might not be quite the social engagement we get at the gym, but in this increasingly virtualized world it’s a good option to have.

Side note: Peloton Bike owners may have noticed some minor UI tweaks this last week. Specifically you’ll see an improved layout to the bottom part of the interface which has been streamlined and features a neater and easier to read cluster of information.

Update: The Peloton Bike is now available for a nice discount via Amazon.