Samsung Display to supply Apple iPhone foldable displays (Rumor)

More evidence is being discovered on a regular basis that suggests that, yes, Apple is indeed likely planning to release a foldable variant of the iconic Apple iPhone.

Per Phone Arena (Samsung Display shuffles its foldable unit as it prepares to supply foldable Apple devices) and other tech sites like Tech Radar, and MacRumors, it seems that supplier Samsung Display is getting ready to supply foldable panels to the Cupertino tech giant.

Apple Insider discusses the focus for the new Samsung group:

In a Monday report by The Elec, Samsung has performed an organizational reshuffle that chiefly affects a team that handles supplies for Apple. The shake-up of the team is allegedly to focus on improving its capabilities, specifically with Apple’s foldable in mind.

Apparently, per the tech rumor mill which often is pretty accurate lately, this includes a panel measuring 20.25″ in size.

Of course this could be a foldable tablet and not a phone. Or, maybe it’s both? Hard to say.

But we do know the foldable market is relatively new and growing. Samsung (Galazy Z Flip), Motorola (Razr), and Google (Pixel Fold) are just some of the major players who have demonstrated consumer appetite for small devices with extra large displays thanks to foldable innovation.

And these sorts of news, headlines and prognostications are nothing new. Apple has long been said be working on foldable devices. No surprise there really. Bloomberg published a short piece about foldable iPhones in 2021 stating that the company has begun “early work” on an iPhone with a foldable screen.

CEO Tim Cook Wants to Affirm His Product Legacy — Is the Foldable iPhone the Way?

I believe that, yes, Apple CEO Tim Cook is looking for a major way to bolster his legacy and a foldable product portfolio would be just the trick to do so.

By all accounts Cook has done a stellar job of leading Apple. The company’s financials and resulting stock price and consumer success/loyalty all point to a company well managed. However, there’s still a lot of Steve Jobs’ — legendary — legacy hanging around Cupertino and perhaps attacking an entirely new product category like foldables would give Cook a unique and defining moment (Apple Vision Pro is too expensive, too niche in my view to accomplish this goal). I mean, something even beyond using the iPhone to shoot major motion Hollywood pictures!

I’m not surprised Apple hasn’t yet released a foldable. Remember the iPad? It was late to market by comparison to others. Still, that hasn’t hampered the company’s success in that space. Same too with the Apple Watch which was easily beaten to market by Motorola, Google WearOS and others. Take a look at market share today and decide if any of that matters?

Apple is likely watching and learning.

Early competitive devices released to market were problematic. Most issues having to do with screens and hinges and faulty engineering designs. Engineers can study those issues and come up with better solutions.

Yes, it’s often an advantage to get to market first, but maybe it’s better (and possibly boring) to get to market at the right time with the right product — the first time.