Espresso News - Gaggia Classic Evo Pro, Nespresso Vertuo Pop and best espresso accessories for at-home baristas

Another week of espresso news and articles to recap. Here on Stark Insider we again covered several key events, plus wrote-up some continuing coverage of the best accessories we’ve tested and used for our coffee station.

2023 Gaggia Classic Evo Pro

Significant update to the iconic Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine

Updated components including new coating on boiler interior

$499 USD

The biggest headline this week for those covering the coffee and espresso market is, without doubt, the update to a legendary espresso machine. And that would be the Gaggia Classic Pro.

Gaggia revealed a new, updated model for 2023. Called ‘Evo’ it looks identical to the existing model which was itself updated in 2019. However, under the covers the new Gaggia Classic Evo Pro has several key updates, not the least of which is the much-coveted 9-bar OPV spring. Buyers will no longer have to do the mod themselves, and potentially run into warranty issues.

In addition the Evo has several updated components, and an improved coating lining the boiler.

Fortunately, Gaggia is, once again, retaining its crown as the price-performance leader by keeping the new Evo under $500 — about $100 more than the standard Gaggia Classic Pro model which remains in the line-up as the lowest cost professional espresso machine on the market.

We also looked at the existing Gaggia Classic Pro and assessed whether it was still worth it today.

More here on the new Evo: 2023 Gaggia Classic Evo Pro features 9-bar extraction, updated components

Nespresso Vertuo Pop

New compact machine

Compatible with Vertuo pods

From $149 USD — notable manufacturers include Nespresso, Breville, DeLonghi

In the world of single use coffee Swiss giant Nespresso released another new machine, this one called the Vertuo Pop.

Featuring a compact footprint and low price, we wrote that “we expect the Vertuo Pop to quickly become Nespresso’s best selling model.”

The Pop is compatible with Nespresso’s existing line-up of Vertuo pods. That means a vast selection of coffee types, flavors and lengths.

As we’ve seen in the past several manufacturers have licensed the technology and produce their own versions of the Pop. Most notable players include Breville and DeLonghi. Prices start at around $149 and vary depending on features and whether or not the Aeroccino frother is bundled.

Article on Stark Insider with more information and photos: Nespresso Vertuo Pop is the one to get

Best Espresso Accessories for Enthusiasts and Home Baristas

Covid drove spikes in demand for at-home coffee and espresso stations

With hybrid work likely to remain, long-term opportunities remain

Espresso accessories market is a key segment

The pandemic drove huge demand for at-home coffee solutions. With so many of us working from home over the past several years there was a rush to build “coffee stations” and various setups that replaced the workplace break rooms that typically provided employees with caffeine-based drinks, typically using semi-automatic espresso machines.

Espresso and coffee machine sales have been brisk over this time. In addition, we’ve seen a spike in accessories as well. A certain smaller percentage of users we deem as enthusiasts or home baristas have embraced professional workflows and seek to perfect the craft of brewing coffee and espresso — some even attempting to attain quality typically found in cafes.

To that end we’ve covered some of the most notable espresso accessories of late including puck screens, dosing funnels, espresso scales, grinders and more.


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It’s worth noting that there’s huge opportunity here. Companies are rushing to market with all manner of product, some more useful than others. We’ll be watching this space to see which of these new breed of espresso products stick and which fail to catch on — perhaps marketing getting ahead of itself.

More on key espresso accessories to check out: Top 5: Best espresso accessories for an aspiring home barista

Plus: Latte Art

And, finally, it wouldn’t. be a week in espresso without the magic that is Latte Art. Of course that magic doesn’t come without considerable practice. We shared some tips for pouring perfect Latte Art. Well, at least a step closer to perfection that is.