Stark Insider’s Loni Stark makes a cameo in the latest video from the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Granted the appearance is preceded by a vibrator, but in the end Bay Area arts wins; the fun, energetic segment invites us to discover the LORT theater and all that is has to offer. I couldn’t help but want to embarrass Loni (again!) and share the three minute vid here.

“Genius is meant to be observed, not talked about.”

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong kicks things off. Their landmark album American Idiot was adapted into a one-act musical here in 2009 before heading to Broadway. Based on a book by Armstrong and director Michael Mayer, the brooding rock ‘n roll concept went on to earn two 2010 Tony Awards, and a nomination for Best Musical. Artistic director Tony Taccone was instrumental in the play’s development.

Others making appearances include monologist Mike Daisey (The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs), Rita Moreno (West Side Story, Rita Moreno: Life Without Makeup), John Gallager Jr. (performer American Idiot), Rebecca Naomi Jones (performer American Idiot), Michael Mayer (director American Idiot), Tom Kitt (orchestrations American Idiot), Tre Cool (Green Day), Eve Ensler (creator Emotional Creature, The Vagina Monologues), Mark Wing-Davey (Obie-award winning director).

And because Berkeley Rep loves to push the envelope, there is assorted quirkiness including show-inspired cocktails, interesting pre-show features and after parties. Notably, this is the first time Loni’s appearance in a video is preceded by a vibrator.

Also, you’ve got to respect the way the Rep keeps it real, and lets a few f-bombs fly. Who says theater isn’t edgy, especially on Addison Street?


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But why on earth is Loni in costume (0:58), and what exactly is happening in the Lobby of the Roda. The clue can be found here… ah the rogue days of Stark Insider. Yes, there’s tremendous talent in this vid, but I have to say Loni’s performance — “uhm” notwithstanding — is astoundingly amazing (and profound).

Home movies. Our ego knows no bounds.

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