Loni test drives her new planter box

You love your garden. And it seems you also like the fresh vegetables it produces. Over the past months one of the most popular posts and videos on Stark Insider has been Loni’s planter box series. The number of downloads and views is skyrocketing. It must be the allure of fresh fruits and vegetables. The satisfaction of the DIY spirit. Or maybe it’s the colors?

I have to admit, even I’m now a convert.

After enjoying fresh tomato and feta cheese the past few nights, you could even say I’m an urban gardening evangelist. Well, the heavy lifting part at least. You see, Loni brings the vision, the creative force. And in this case, I bring the muscle, the sawing, bending, lifting and occasional blood. But, it would seem a partnership well worth the effort.

Amazingly, readers have been writing in from all over the world to say how much they enjoy the planter box plans. It’s thrilling to see the photos and hear your stories!

I wanted to summarize everything we’ve published so far about vegetable planter boxes. From building one; to tips on maintenance, micro irrigation and pruning. Here is everything we know so far. We’re pleased with the results (but know you have ideas on how to make it even better).

So, find yourself a sunny place around your home, and start planning your own vegetable garden. I never thought I’d write those words.

Happy gardening! And please send us your photos, stories and recipes too.

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