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If you own a Roku streaming device and are looking to burn some calories while sheltering-in-place you’re in luck. Today, Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ: PTON) announced its popular digital app is now available for Roku — as the Peloton Channel.

With a $13 subscription you can stream classes across a broad class of categories including strength training, yoga, meditation, stretching, cardio, and more.

The app is included in the membership fee for existing Peloton bike and tread owners (who pay $39/mo).

Per the Peloton announcement:

Since last year, we’ve made at-home fitness more convenient, fun and motivating by launching the Peloton app on many TV platforms. Today, we’re happy to announce Peloton is now on Roku TVs and streaming devices. Just add the Peloton channel on your Roku, log in with your Peloton account and you’re all set.

With this bit of news, Peloton is pretty much available across just about any streaming platform you can think of. Apple TV. Amazon Fire TV. Android TV. Chromecast (iOS and Android). The increasingly ubiquitous Peloton is there.

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Peloton is now on Roku

Peloton is now on Roku

As a Peloton bike owner it’s nice to see so much choice. However, one thing I learned when using the (superb) Peloton app on Amazon Fire TV is that clicking with a remote is not nearly as intuitive or even fun as using good old touch. Maybe we’ve become so accustomed to the touch interfaces on our iPhones and Androids that using a remote control to click through an interface feels somewhat archaic. For that reason we ditched the Amazon Fire TV + 65″ TV streaming combo we were using for Peloton mat-based classes. Instead we cast using Chromecast from our iPhones to a discrete Google smart speaker (10″ screen). That way we can still swipe and scroll away searching for content, then when ready simply stream it over to the Google Nest Hub Max (quite the product name) on a small nearby table. Instructors are easy to follow along with the screen being just large enough to see and the speakers are more than good enough to do the job.

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Regardless how you stream your classes the part of the job is to show up.

With Peloton on Roku you now have one less excuse not to get to it while trying to survive the year that is 2020.

Peloton on Roku is available today, tomorrow in Canada “with the UK coming soon.”