GH5 Shooting Video Tips Ex Tele Conv Function

If you’re a new GH5 owner chances are you’re overwhelmed.

There’s a lot Panasonic’s newest flagship mirrorless camera can do. Along with that comes with a fair bit of complexity. Menus, in particular, take a while to sort through. Don’t worry about it. Take it easy, and soon enough you’ll be able to shoot intuitively.

After a few months I’ve just about become accustomed with the GH5 that I can pick it up in a moments notice, and just shoot video without a second thought. That’s important to me. I’d rather be thinking about composition, capturing the right b-roll, anticipating a shot, and ensuring everything else is working smoothly (lighting, mics, etc.) to ensure the best possible outcome.

One thing I like more than I expected about the GH5 is a feature called “Ex. Tele Conv” (Extra Tele Conversion).

Turn that on, and you can extend the range of your lens while shooting video by 1.4x.

I’ve used it several time already, and true to Panasonic’s claim, I cannot see any artifacts or worsening of the image quality (keep in mind, I’m far from a world class pixel peeper).

It’s easy to overlook, but I find it really handy. Look for the setting here:

Filmmaking, videography tips and tricks for DSLR and mirrorless video shootersPanasonic GH5: How to extend the range of your lens by 1.4x

GH5 Shooting Video Tips Ex Tele Conv Function

  • Go to 2nd menu from the top (film camera icon)
  • Scroll to page 3
  • 2nd item from the top is “Ex. Tel Conv.” — it can be toggled on/off

Note: Ex Tele Conv. is not available when shooting in 6K/18M.

That’s all there is to it.

Switching Ex. Tele Conv. on will give your lens a 1.4x range extension.

And importantly: per the Panasonic GH5 user manual (page 148) it will do so “without deteriorating the picture quality.”

So, for instance, if I was shooting as I usually do with a Sigma 18-35mm lens and the Metabones Ultra EF/MFT adapter I could go from an effective range of approximately 26mm-50mm to 36mm-70mm. Pretty handy!

Another quick tip related to Ex. Tele Conv. If you plan to use it consider assigning it to one of the numerous custom buttons located on the GH5. I’ve assigned mine to Fn1 on the top. That way I can quickly toggle it on or off depending on what I’m shooting — I use the GH5 100% for shooting videos.

Filmmaking, videography tips and tricks for DSLR and mirrorless video shootersPanasonic GH5: Articles, Reviews, Filmmaking Tips by Clinton Stark

It’s these little things, along with standout features such as phenomenal 5-axis IBIS, 10-bit codec, and dual SD cards, that make the GH5 one of the most complete mirrorless cameras for shooting video ever made. I’m using it on a regular basis for various Stark Insider projects. Panasonic really aced this camera.

As for learning the GH5, my suggestion is to take it step by step. Just like any camera. Learn a new feature. Try it out. Make some mistakes. Learn some more. It’s better to do this in your backyard than on a paid shoot or critical project.

Happy shooting!