Canon T3i
Canon T3i
Canon T3i
Canon T3i

First, there’s the name: T3i. It feels slightly odd after a year of running around telling the world about the T2i. Since January of 2010 I’ve shot and “produced” about 100 vids with it for Stark Insider, including some interesting stuff such as interviews with Christopher Titus (Nevrerlution), Edward Norton, James Franco, and even mondo directors Danny Boyle (127 Hours) and Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech), both of whom loved discussing DSLR video technology incessantly.

I’m a huge T2i fan, but also a fan of the genre in general. Admittedly a neophyte, but learning step by step, and loving every second.

So now photos of the Canon EOS Rebel T3i have surfaced. After checking them out and reading some prelim specs on Gizmodo and CNET, my reaction is not one of immediate upgrade envy. I’ve already had my sights set on the EOS 60D which ups the performance level nicely and adds the articulating/flip screen which can also be found the upcoming T3i.

According to Giz, the new pecking order is (starting in serf’s shoes): Canon T3, Canon T2i, Canon T3i, Canon 60D.

What’s an amateur to do?

I say go RED!

If that entry level RED ever hits production for about $5K I’d be might tempted.

But seriously, I’m still thinking Canon 60D for my next camera. I’d then allocate the T2i to second angle duty on shoots, using an unattended tripod; currently a 720p Flip cam serves this role.

What’s new in the Canon T3i? From what I can tell here’s what you get above-and-beyond the T2i:

  • Flip out screen
  • More filter effects (from 60D)
  • Option to shoot in more aspect ratios
  • “Video snapshot” mode (I’m not sure what this means)
  • Digital zoom (this does sound useful!)
  • Burst shooting is still at 3.7fps (the 60D 5.3fps)

Note that the image sensor and most of the internals are the same as the T2i so we’re not talking major upgrade here.


If I were in the market for the first time I’d put the T3i at the top of the list. Now that I’ve had over a year, though, with the T2i I’m ready to spend a few hundred more to get the 60D which offers some enhanced internals. But I’m sure my plans will change in the next few hours or so. It’s hard to keep up these days, but a lot of fun to try.

Canon announced that the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and T3 will be available in March. The T3i will be available for $799.99 body-only, $899.99 with an 18-55mm II lens or $1099.99 with an 18-135mm lens. The Rebel T3 will be sold for $599.99 with the 18-55mm version II lens.

Photo credit: Gizmodo.