Do you remember play fighting as a kid, pretending to hit your friend, and then taking a fake punch in return? Actors need to take these techniques to a whole new level as part of their on stage performance. In this bonus segment from ‘The Kite Runner’ cast interview series, enjoy a lively and informative stage combat demo featuring Barzin Akhavan of The Kite Runner and Law & Order, and Craig Piaget.

After about an hour of interviews, it was nice to relax and enjoy this interaction with the cast. Barzin makes a great coach and even leads Loni through a “fight”. How does she do?

We hope you enjoyed this series. In case you missed any episodes here is the summary and also a link to iTunes.

StarkSilverCreek Presents: ‘The Kite Runner’ Cast Interview
Part 1 – ‘Getting to know the actors’
Part 2 – ‘Instinct, love, acting’
Part 3 – ‘Kites, Afghan culture, audience reaction’
Bonus – ‘Stage combat demo’

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