Here is the final segment in the interview series with the cast of the ‘The Kite Runner’ world premiere production now playing at the San Jose Repertory Theater. In this episode the actors talk about kite fighting, Afghan culture and their reactions to the audience’s overwhelming response.

There is one last bonus part to follow with the “stage combat demo” footage. I originally intended to include it in Part 3, but we had so much great discussion and interaction with the cast that I decided not to cut any out (to make it under 10 minutes). Instead it will be an informal video segment with Barzin leading an exercise in how to stage a mock fight including delivering a punch — and, of course, taking one too.

Loni also steps in, and you’ll want to see how she does… will she be ready for her prime time debut?

Stark Insider Presents: ‘The Kite Runner’ Cast Interview

Part 1 – ‘Getting to know the actors’
Part 2 – ‘Instinct, love, acting’
Part 3 – ‘Kites, Afghan culture, audience reaction’
Bonus – ‘Stage combat demo’

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