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Cy spent the ‘80’s as a bench scientist, the tech boom doing intellectual property law, and the first decade of the millennium, aspiring to be the world’s oldest grad student at Stanford where she is interested in political martyrdom. Presently, she enjoys writing for Stark Insider and the SF Examiner, hanging out at Palo Alto Children's Theatre, and participating in various political activities. Democracy is not a spectator sport! Cy is a SFBATCC member.
Let me break this down for you
by on 04.27.15

Actor Don Reed presents nine characters – beginning with Alberta – the first roadblock at the “appointments or no appointments” desk.

You big Corkie git!
by on 04.23.15

This is a spinet on stage, not a baby grand, and what de Waal does with it can make you rethink the possibilities of music.

Love & Death
by on 04.21.15

What I like most about Opera San Jose is that you’re never too far from the idea of opera as a very human endeavor. As we get deeper and deeper into our virtual lives, with their exaggerated expectations, it’s that reminder of human activity that means so much.

Deluge delivered
by on 04.20.15

A different way to wrap your mind around Head of Passes is to think of it as a variant of Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking – re-morphed culturally for the bayou and performed by a cast with killer acting chops.

New York & up to New England
by on 04.14.15

King’s physical persona – particularly the glasses, head shape and hair – reminded me of Joseph P. Kennedy, gone to seed – which isn’t a bad image to have in the back of your head.

going hence; coming hither
by on 04.13.15

Bishop and Fuller worked together, handing puppets back and forth with the deftness of surgical assistant passing a scalpel.

Nailed it with the steel tip shoes!
by on 04.07.15

Entering the house, you soak in Joe Ragey’s scenic design upon which the contradictions of the place are writ large. “Harlan County is UMWA County” isn’t the only sign proclaiming union loyalty, but they all seem overshadowed by the smaller ‘We Accept Food Coupons’ placard.

Shaking coconuts
by on 04.06.15

That slightly heightened unreality of 1930’s camp is such a great leveler that nobody emerges enough to really capture your interest.

No naked jugglers dipped in chocolate here
by on 03.23.15

While our negativity threshold saves us, sometimes we need to get psychically beaten to get a bit of truth in now and then. Stupid Fucking Bird does precisely that.

Art imitating Life
by on 03.23.15

If you’ve been petutzed by the DC clowns, so devoid of the Christian virtues they claim to profess, Tartuffe will have a salutary effect on your blood pressure – at least temporarily.