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Cy spent the ‘80’s as a bench scientist, the tech boom doing intellectual property law, and the first decade of the millennium, aspiring to be the world’s oldest grad student at Stanford where she is interested in political martyrdom. Presently, she enjoys writing for Stark Insider and the SF Examiner, hanging out at Palo Alto Children's Theatre, and participating in various political activities. Democracy is not a spectator sport! Cy is a SFBATCC member.
Look out Mick!
by on 02.24.15

Schiff’s intense concentration in the slow beginning – not ponderous, but deliberate, taking time to deliver the maximal impact of every note – provided the perfect contrast for the technically complex, bombast section that followed.

Art isn't easy
by on 02.23.15

Tyler Bennett’s performance of Seurat had such depth and nuance that it recalls the old Anna Deavere Smith bit about good acting being the furthest thing from lying that she’s encountered.

by on 02.17.15

This could be real stagy stuff, but Schiff is too much the magician for that. Rather that forcing a dramatic overlay, he just stays centered in the notes, not anticipating, not giving anything away. The result is a frothy delight.

realtor's dilemma
by on 02.16.15

Above all, you wonder ‘Who are these two to each other?’ Is this really the time to be arguing about redoing the living room? You never question why your attention is fixed like a laser on these really disagreeable people.

Shifting light among the leaves
by on 01.26.15

The hit you get off of this one is almost as big as all our collective histories.

NFL: Not for Long
by on 01.26.15

Every lighting cue and every sound cue work to heighten this realism and transform the Berkeley Rep’s thrust stage. In lesser hands, this hyperrealism could feel mechanistic and antiseptically cold, but here, it’s so well done that it only pushes the story forward.

No flat notes
by on 01.20.15

This show is the perfect introduction for those who are curious what the often-grueling track to becoming another musician trying to not get stuck in contractor hell is really like.

Legal stall
by on 01.19.15

Kornbluth’s got the law firm culture down – a world in which even summer associates trump the admins and paralegals who really keep the place running. By playing all the roles himself, he keeps the story close to his chest, which makes it look far smarter than the movie.

celestial chorus
by on 12.15.14

The SFGMC never strays too far from that knowledge – which frees us to bring all of ourselves to the holiday.

by on 12.09.14

If you balked at J.M. Barrie’s 1902 novel as a child, perhaps because families named Darling, dogs named Nana, and astral beings like Tinkerbell were a walk into the weird, this show is for you.