Social Media News: Peloton introduces Instagram Story sharing

Some (minor) Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ: PTON) news to share today…

If you like boasting to everyone on social media how fit you are then today’s your day. At least, if you subscribe to Peloton or to the Peloton digital app.

Peloton today has rolled out an Instagram sharing feature. As you’d imagine you can now easily share your workout data to Instagram Stories. The Peloton branded Story includes workout data (output, pace, miles, calories) and the name of the class that you completed along with a matching image.

In addition, users can share upcoming classes and connect via hashtags — a feature Peloton introduced over the summer.

Peloton notes the Instagram Stories feature is not yet available on web, Android, or its Bike or Tread. (how common is it these data for companies to satiate iPhone users first?)

Using the new feature is dead simple and almost doesn’t warrant instruction given how intuitive apps are designed. However: tap the share icon on the workout or hashtag you want to share and then… click the Instagram icon. That’s all there is to it really. Peloton explains more in this new blog post about Instagram Stories.

Sharing Peloton workouts and hashtags (above) produces a slick branded Instagram Story -- but it does feel advertorial.
Sharing Peloton workouts and hashtags (above) produces a slick branded Instagram Story — but it does feel advertorial.

I don’t use Instagram so I’m not a target user for this feature, however despite my apprehension about people humble-bragging online about how hard they worked out I do appreciate that features like this might help people in isolation connect with others. In a socially deprived world perhaps every bit counts. And in this case connecting with others with shared passions can possibly help not only the body, but also the mind.

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Like awarding badges and fitness gamification if things like social media and other technology keep us inspired and motivated to improve our fitness — especially when gym access is not available or limited — then I count that as a good thing.

Peloton Interactive shares are up YTD about 193%. Indeed this is the year of the WFH stock.

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