Peloton - Alex Toussaint bike class tag leaderboard


Just one example of how the new tag feature can be used to help the Peloton community “feel smaller.”

Available today for owners of the Peloton bike, tread and iOS app (and also worth noting you can access the feature through the plain old web interface as I discovered this morning), tags as you might expect enable people to participate in groups of like interests. Some examples that Peloton showed in its email announcement:





The home screen will also feature trending tags so you can see which are popular and participate if interested.

Also, tags will appear on the leaderboard (right side of interface) where you can follow along during a ride or run.

Here’s how it looks when you navigate tags using the Peloton web site:

Peloton Tags: How they look and work

Peloton create and share tags - new feature for bike, tread, iOS App

Peloton - TogetherWeGoFar tag web app

And on the bike:

Tags on Peloton bike screenTags on Peloton bike screen
Peloton - Alex Toussaint bike class tag leaderboard

The way it works is you check out the tags section on the Peloton app or device of your choice. To join/follow a tag, simply touch the “+” add button. You can follow up to a maximum of 10 tags at any time. You can then select 1 tag that will be designated your primary “leaderboard tag” and appear on the leaderboard during classes.

Peloton Homecoming is Next

So Tags are officially here for Peloton. Reaction so far seems positive over on Reddit, where the r/pelotoncycle sub routinely gets active daily visitors — with plenty of opinions.

Hashtags, of course, are at the core of most social media platforms so it only makes sense for Peloton to use them. With large virtual classes they provide yet one more way for people to sense community and common purpose. In my month with a Peloton bike, I’ve found the instructors to be incredibly motivating. I actually look forward to a ride (or two). That’s something that I could not say about trudging to the gym in the past (so long ago it seems!) when I’d need to drive and change, and spend lost time just getting ready for a workout. Now I can just hop on the bike at home and be raining sweat in no time. Thanks Alex Toussaint!

Meanwhile Peloton stock (NASDAQ: PTON) — like Zoom and other well-positioned companies benefiting from the WFH era — continues to perform well in recent weeks. I’d expect more announcements later this week when the company holds its annual “Homecoming” event (May 1-3, 2020), a quasi-conference/concert/update/love-in. Might we see a Peloton rower or lower cost bike this year? Seems those are two strong rumors floating around. With the competition in the space heating up I would not be surprised to see the management team want to expand its footprint.