Fitbit Versa - Fitbit OS update, features

Fitbit keeps rolling out software updates for its fitness trackers and smartwatches. As a generally happy Versa owner color me impressed. And the latest comes in the form of Fitbit OS 4.1, due December 3, 2019 per the Fitbit blog.

Fitbit is heavily promoting its sleep tools in the latest update including a new Smart Score and a new Smart Wake feature that “uses machine learning” to wake you at the optimal time within a scheduled 30 minute window.

Apple Watch, a key competitor and market leader, currently has nothing equivalent when it comes to sleep tracking features. It makes sense Team Fitbit would push hard here.

Versa 2 owners will get some always-on display enhancements including faster transition between always-on and active views.

Further, Versa and Ionic models will be able to store 5 clock faces on the watch itself. Currently, you can only have one face, and if you want to change it you need to do so using the Fitbit app on your phone. I see this update as a move to bring feature parity with the Apple Watch.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new in the December Fitbit OS update…

Stark Insider - Tech news, reviews, wearables, smart home, Fitbit, Apple WatchFitbit OS 4.1
December 2019 Update

Fitbit Versa 2 only:

  • Always-on display mode enhancements.
  • Amazon Alexa “start exercise.”
  • More accurate heart rate tracking.

Available to all Fitbit smartwatches:

  • More advanced sleep tools (Sleep Score, Smart Wake).
  • Exercise app redesign.
  • Clock face switcher app.
  • Agenda app.

Source: Fitbit blog

To me it would seem Fibit — and its parent Google / Alphabet — is pushing the Fitbit further into the smartwatch category.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see some sort of Fitbit OS/Wear OS merger of some kind. It just doesn’t make sense for Google to maintain two wearable platforms. Given that Fitbit has and is far more successful than the disastrous Wear OS project, why not bet long-term on the former?

Stark Insider - Tech news, reviews, wearables, smart home, Fitbit, Apple WatchMusic Lovers:
Spotify App is finally here for Fitbit Versa

More good news for Fibit Versa owners.

You can now find the much-wanted Spotify app in the Fitbit App store. Previously Spotify was only available for the new Versa 2, but thankfully us Versa owners can now download it as well.

Meantime, those looking for a smartwatch deal might want to look at the now heavily discounted Fitbit Versa. For the price it’s a heck of a value.

Look for Fitbit OS on December 3. Per Fitbit this update is available to all its smartwatches including Versa, Versa 2, and Ionic.


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