Brie Larson is Trapped in ROOM – Interview at MVFF (Video)

Stark Insider is on location at the Mill Valley Film Festival. In this episode, Brie Larson talks about Room, and losing her (inner) child.

“It’s very similar to Plato’s ‘Cave’ allegory.”

Brie Larson lit up San Francisco last night at the premiere for her new film Room.

But it wasn’t just her elegance — and resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence — that caught our attention. The Sacramento native, and rising star, quickly won over fans and press alike with her intelligent, thought-provoking analysis of Lenny Abrahamson’s emotional thriller. Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue (who also wrote the screenplay), Room tells the story of 5-year old Jack who finds himself trapped in a shed his entire life, but finally makes an escape.

“It is rooted in a story we’ve heard in our childhood,” she said last night at the MVFF premiere. “But it’s put in terms and in a way that is contemporary.”

We have to hit moments where we let go of our younger selves

One interesting point of trivia for those of us who cover and enjoy the theater scene here in San Francisco: Brie was the youngest student ever to attend the American Conservatory Theater. She joins Annette Bening and Denzel Washington, and other high profile A.C.T. alums who have managed to star on both stage and screen.

Brie Larson - Room interview with Loni Stark
Actress Brie Larson at the premiere of Room. Shot at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

“We have to hit moments where we let go of our younger selves,” Brie told me before the screening. “And we don’t know if it’s something we’ll get back.” Indeed, there are many reference points in Room. And based on early reaction, it would seem the actress has a promising vehicle for awards season. Many are suggesting her performance could be Oscar worthy.

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The full interview with Brie, including clips from Room, and the MVFF red carpet, can be seen in the video below.

It’s Rapunzel. It’s Bluebeard. It can also be seen as Demeter and Persephone. There’s so many reference points to it [Room].

— Actress Brie Larson

More to come as Stark Insider continues its annual coverage of that most amazing event known as the Mill Valley Film Festival.

WATCH: Brie Larson is Trapped in ROOM – Interview @ MVFF

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