Opening Night at MVFF: Tom Hooper (Video)

Stark Insider is on location north of San Francisco for the 38th annual Mill Valley Film Festival.

“This script made me cry.”

Director Tom Hooper is back. We last saw him here on Stark Insider when he introduced the world to The King’s Speech. That film, which proved impediments could be overcome to historic success, would go on to win the Oscar for best picture. How time flies.

Last night, Stark Insider was on location for the opening night of the 38th edition of the esteemed Mill Valley Film Festival. It was here, in 2010, that I interviewed Tom Hooper at the premiere of The King’s Speech. And it was about that time, Hooper tells us, that he also fell in love with the script for Danish Girl.

Starring Eddie Redmayne and Amber Heard, the film, based on the novel by David Ebershoff, chronicles the true life of Lili Elbe who became a transgender pioneer in the 1920s.

Watch as Tom Hooper talks about The Danish Girl, the constructs that are the definition of the modern day woman, and the boundaries of gender.

MVFF: THE DANISH GIRL with Director Tom Hooper

With Clinton Stark in Marin.

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