Best Android smartphone
Classic Android: The Samsung Galaxy S II may well be the best Android smartphone of all time (with apologies to my trusty OG Droid).

Wouldn’t you just love to throw away all your cables? It’s as if mother earth is reluctant to let us break free from her grip.  Tethering us via tangled power cables, however, may soon be a lost art.

The idea: wireless charging.

A story on SlashGear about the Samsung Galaxy S III possibly having the capability caught my eye this morning. And – by the way – will the S III be one killer Android or what?! I’ve already seen ICS in action on the S II and it’s magnificent (tip: see it here).

Being able to charge a phone (or tablet, or car…) via wireless is a tantalizing, and remarkable, proposition.

We’ve actually seen this before. Well, a few of us anyways. Those who owned a Palm Pre could drop it onto a slab. Charging would happen – sans cable – thanks to magnetic induction.

Cost has been one factor why this technology hasn’t made its way into more consumer products. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is the first (iPhone 5?) to take it to the masses. Steve Jobs was known to despise ports, cables, and unnecessary design distractions; I can’t imagine the idea not making it into iPad and iPhone product roadmap discussions time and time again.

Oh, about that Samsung Galaxy S III.

According to the rumors so far, expect:  4.6 to 4.8-inch 720p display, quad-core Exynos processor. I’m still hanging on to this aging OG Moto Droid. I reluctantly passed on the Nexus (battery life), and expected to see quad-core offerings hit the US in Q1 (wrong!). The wait continues. On my radar: HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Moto RAZR Maxx HD. Wireless charging could be the defining feature.