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Clint is based in San Francisco and co-founded Stark Insider - a new media venture. His goal was to help fill the increasing gap in arts coverage. This site has consumed his every fiber. Yet, he still has time to talk Napa wine, review a play (ATCA member) or live show, and shoot videos. More: Clint's story...
Stark Insider
by on 02.24.15

The day has finally arrived. And it’s called “Pebble Time.” After a much-hyped and significantly marketed countdown, the smartwatch maker that could, Pebble, announced today a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new model featuring a color e-paper display. No, this is not 1992. Up until now the Palo Alto-based start-up produced smartwatches, both the original and fancier […]

What's Happening
by on 02.22.15 VIDEO

Annual Premiere Napa Valley wine auction again breaks record. $6 million raised, with top lot Brand Napa Valley going for $115,000, or about $1,900 per bottle.

West Coast Travel
by on 02.20.15 VIDEO

Another weekend video challenge. This time in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Our weekly challenges are simple: grab a Canon DSLR, shoot some street scenes, edit and publish within 12-24 hours. Recently we shot Beat’s So Lonely at Union Square, San Francisco, and an admittedly odd teaser for an upcoming wine video shot in Santa […]

by on 02.18.15

My wife wants an Apple Watch. She’s an unapologetic laggard. Is that reason enough to say that Apple understands wearables better than anyone?

by on 02.17.15

Google Glass flopped. But that hasn’t stopped Sony from taking a (misguided) swing at the wearable market. SmartEyeglass retails for $849, but I don’t think they could give these monstrosities away for free.

Arts & Culture
by on 02.09.15

The roots of the expression “S&M”, a play-within-a-play and two outstanding performances conspire to create an epic night of theater.

What's Happening
by on 02.09.15 VIDEO

Coming soon to Stark Insider: exploring the unheralded Santa Lucia Highlands AVA wine region, located a short drive South of Silicon Valley.

Film News
by on 02.06.15

They’re here! Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic Poltergeist gets a reboot courtesy of director Sam Raimi. But will it work, and is suburban American ready?

Arts & Culture
by on 02.03.15

Performances delight. But at Tom Stoppard’s ‘Indian Ink’, now playing A.C.T. in San Francisco, does the whole add up to the sum of the quality parts?

What's Happening
by on 02.03.15

Is bud break across Napa and wine country already here? “Strange winter.” That’s how Wines & Vines’ Jane Firstenfeld described the last few months here in Northern California. With absolutely zero rainfall in San Francisco for January I’d suggest piling on some other adjectives too: bizarre, unprecedented, kooky. The L.A. Times had their own: “disturbing.” […]