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Clint is based in San Francisco and co-founded Stark Insider - a new media venture. His goal was to help fill the increasing gap in arts coverage. This site has consumed his every fiber. Yet, he still has time to talk Napa wine, review a play (ATCA member) or live show, and shoot videos. More: Clint's story...
Video Gear
by on 01.28.15

Say your budget is $10,000. Do you buy a Sony a7S and build it out, or do you make a squeeze and buy it plus a new Sony FS7 giving you both stealth, plus Super 35 options?

by on 01.28.15

Not only are YouTube publishers uploading more videos than ever before, they are doing so with higher attention to production values, entertainment values, and personality.

What's Happening
by on 01.28.15

Berkeley Rep has the highest combined ratings on Stark Insider since 2009. If we were the Metacritic of stage, it would be in green and sit around a 95, next to Magic Theatre, A.C.T. and BioShock for Sony PlayStation.

Theater & Arts
by on 01.27.15

A play about Silicon Valley that hits close to home. Can two video game developers meet deadline? And will ego, love, and loss render their code useless?

Film Festivals
by on 01.27.15

Blackmagic Cameras star at Sundance Film Festival with four films including Bob and the Trees, The Strongest Man, Things of the Aimless Wanderer.

by on 01.26.15

Making the jump from a Canon DSLR to a Sony FS7 XDCAM Super 35 camera. The decision, budgeting, spousal drama. What on earth am I thinking?!

West Coast Travel
by on 01.19.15 VIDEO

Though I’ve been up and down the California coast many times over the years it never fails to astonish me: the sun, the air, the ocean. Magnificent, and truly inspiring.

What's Happening
by on 01.16.15

Word is by summer we will know what will happen to the space formerly occupied by the San Jose Repertory Theatre.

What's Happening
by on 01.14.15

Here are the top 10 wine trends you should be aware of for 2015.

Supercar Reborn
by on 01.12.15

Honda finally unveils final version of the vaunted Acura NSX supercar. In a world of Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini how does the design fare?