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Clint is based in Silicon Valley and co-founded Stark Insider. A new media venture, the goal was to fill the increasing gap in arts and food & wine coverage. This site has consumed his every fiber. Yet, he still has time to talk Android, praise Pebble, and shoot videos. More: Clint's story...
Arts & Culture
by on 08.15.14

An early look at what to expect at the Mill Valley Film Festival, including 3 world cinema entries, and video previews.

West Coast Events
by on 08.14.14

Sights and sounds from Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Stark Insider is on location for the 2014 automotive spectacle. Doc ‘Racing Through the Forest’ premieres.

Indie Film
by on 08.13.14

Is the moster more or less effective than a traditional movie trailer? And, as an aside, what the heck is a moster anyways?

San Francisco
by on 08.12.14

Video of Robin Williams mingling with stars, fans and media alike at the 2011 Mill Valley Film Festival. No one escapes his charm and humility.

Tech Marketing
by on 08.11.14

Microsoft Surface 3 vs. MacBook Air. The problem I have with this kind of advertising is primarily that it resorts to negativity. You can’t do that. I can! You can’t do this. I can!

Theater & Arts
by on 08.06.14

I look back at a 2009 review and cringe. What was I thinking when I reviewed the musical American Idiot?

California Wine
by on 08.05.14

How emotional do you need to be to spend $1,200 on a cult wine allocation from Napa? The marketing of desire in action.

What's Happening
by on 08.05.14

The Huffington Post says cheap Trader Joe’s wine is actually made from animal blood. Is that true?

What's Happening
by on 07.29.14 VIDEO

2014 Harvest in Napa starts a few days early. Napa Valley Vintners says most are “predicting an abundant, high-quality harvest for the third year in a row.”

New Media
by on 07.28.14

What is is about comedians and cars? Both Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld land Emmy nods for their web shows.