Top 5 Mirrorless Cameras: Panasonic LUMIX G100

Mirrorless cameras are still an appealing option for aspiring photographers and enthusiasts. Those interested in learning about core photography principals such as the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), lenses and focal lengths, and other key elements required to master this occasional black art might enjoy the process better on a dedicated camera rather than just a standard camera phone.

Interestingly, for those in the market to buy a mirrorless camera: you may be slightly surprised. While Apple iPhones and Androids (Samsung, Google, etc.) have generally increased in price over the years (a topped out iPhone can cost over $2,000 USD!), the opposite can generally be said of the dedicated and interchangeable lens camera markets. Prices have, mostly, gone down. That means there’s some great value out there for those of us still interested in these sorts of camera bodies and lenses.

Also, before I share my Top 5 for 2024, I should point out that the concept of “hybrid” is an important and real advantage. Mirrorless cameras are ideal for scenarios where you might want to snap some photos on a vacation, but also capture some video as well. Indeed, these are almost all excellent choices in that regard. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you could easily shoot slick music videos, wedding projects, landscapes and short films on any of these cameras. After all, the most important things will always remain true: storytelling, composition, sound design, acting, set decoration, etc.

In any case, there’s some amazing camera bodies out there. And, these are competitively priced as well, so you can have some fun without breaking the bank.

All that’s left to you is the creativity.

TOP 5: Best Mirrorless Cameras

Sony Alpha a6100

Best Mirrorless Cameras by Clinton Stark

Price: $598 USD
Sensor: APS-C, 25MP

For under $600 USD I think this Sony Alpha a6000 is a bargain. You get a compact body with a tried-and-true design Sony has employed in its APS-C line for years. So expect easy handling and great button layout. Further, you get a 25MP image sensor which is just right for capturing high resolution photos.

Continuous shooting maxes out at a respectable 11 fps, and the auto-focus on the Sonys is quite good — maybe just a tad short of the Canons.

The LCD can be flipped for Vloggers and YouTubers. And it’s also a touchscreen which is really hand for tracking subjects.


Is the Sony Alpha a6000 still worth it?

I’m a huge fan of the legendary Sony a6000 and really enjoy trying out inexpensive, vintage glass to achieve various looks. Thanks to the flexible Sony E-Mount you can do the same.

Note: those that want 4K video should consider stepping up to the a6500.

Simply a wonderful all-round camera.

Fujifilm X-S20

Top 5 Mirrorless Cameras

Price: $1,299 USD
Sensor: APS-C, 26.1MP

When it comes to that retro aesthetic it’s hard to beat Fujifilm. The design of the Fujifilm X-S20 mirrorless camera is off the charts gorgeous. Thankfully, the looks don’t compromise performance one iota. Expect iconic film-like image quality and that organic feeling that’s hard to describe. Of all the cameras here perhaps this is the best at reproducing the look of film cameras of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Kind of nice, frankly, in a world of increasingly digital tech.

At just slightly over 1 pound, this is a camera you can easily toss into a backpack or carry-on for your next trip.

Video specs are impressive with modes available up to 6.2K/30p with 4:2:2 10-bit color. An excellent choice if you enjoy color grading your footage.

In addition you get Fujifilm’s renowned film emulations. All told there’s 19 modes that can replicate classic analog cameras developed by Fujifilm over the past 85 years.

Canon EOS R100

Best Mirrorless Cameras: Canon EOS R100 Mirrorless Camera

Price: $429 USD
Sensor: APS-C, 24.1MP

The Canon EOS R100 (and its R50 sibling) is a pretty great way to get into the new Canon mirrorless ecosystem without taking out a second mortgage.

In recent years Canon successfully rolled out the new “RF” lens mount, paving the way for a mirrorless future. Problem was early models were pricey. No longer. Case in point is the R100 which offers the forward-looking RF lens mount and 24MP and all the modern trappings you’d expect (WiFi, Bluetooth, fast eye AF, etc.) for only $429 USD. That’s impressive!

Better still, for videographers you get 4K video — again, impressive for this price range. For slow motion you have the option to step down to HD 1080p video and capture footage at 120fps. Perfect for futuristic music videos, commercials and corporate work. Or, for just making your next family vacation look like a cinematic artform.

At some point if you’re a serious enthusiast you may want to step up to another model in the Canon R line-up, but the EOS R100 is a great place to start.

Panasonic G100

Top 5 Mirrorless Cameras: Panasonic LUMIX G100

Price: $548 USD (includes 12-32mm kit lens)
Sensor: APS-C, 20.3MP

The Panasonic G100 would be my pick here for those more interested in videography. That’s primarily because of Panasonic’s outstanding IBIS (in-body image stabilization). In my experience it’s hard to beat. It’s so good, in fact, that it can make handheld even look like they’re shot on a gimbal or dolly. You might need to practice a bit, but you’ll likely be quite pleased with the resulting footage.

Another reason to pick the G100 for video is the sheer power of its options when it comes to resolution, frame rates and modes. There’s a lot of choice. 4K/30p, HD/60p, video selfie mode, and more.

As a bonus the G100 can double as a webcam. Handy for those work-from-home days.

Canon EOS RP

Best Mirrorless Full Frame Camera - Canon EOS RP

Price: $999 USD (includes 12-32mm kit lens)
Sensor: Full Frame, 26.2MP

If you want the full frame look, the Canon EOS RP is hard to beat for the price. At just under $1,000 USD you get a highly capable RF-mount Canon camera that should be future proof for quite some time.

With that large full frame sensor you’ll be able to work in low light effectively and produce stunning results thanks to a large field of view.

Dual Pixel AF is included which is, in my estimation, the best possible focus system available on the market today. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Highly recommended.

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