Canon EOS R5 with 50mm RF lens test

According to a new presentation, it seems Canon is looking to topple Sony as the mirrorless camera leader.

PetaPixel pointed out that per the slide deck’s opening strategy reveal, Canon says it wants to achieve “overwhelming number one share” of the mirrorless market. The time frame? Within the next two years — or by 2026.

Presented by Go Tokura, senior managing executive officer of Canon’s Imaging Group, the full deck can be downloaded on the Global Canon site.

Anyone interested in tracking the camera market and trends should take a look.

In addition it looks like if the 2025 targets are accurate, that the ‘Cameras’ segment will increase in overall net sales, from 16.3% in 2024 (down y/y) to 17% in 2025.

Regarding 2023, key results noted for cameras included:

  • Maintain No. 1 share of interchangeable-lens camera market for 21 consecutive years
  • Expand EOS R system range by launching entry-class models EOS R50, EOS R100

That’s pretty remarkable that Canon has led the ILE market for so many years, continually battling it out with major competitors such as Sony and Nikon.

Camera Market

Strategies highlighted for the next two years include four key points:

  • Establish Absolute Position in Mirrorless Camera Market (meaning “overwhelming No.1 share”)
  • Expand Network Camera Business Through Group Collaboration
  • Strengthen Profit Structure by Improving Productivity
  • Expand Systems for 3D Imaging

Meantime, some graphics in the presentation suggest that Canon will continue to try to appeal to video-oriented customers including content creators, press and those involved with social media while providing “continued support for professionals.”

Support for the RF system appears to be another strategic growth area. The number of lenses available in the critical mirrorless mount for Canon has increased from 26 in 2021 to 33 in 2022 and 41 in 2023 with increases also expected in 2024 and 2025 (though specific target numbers were not disclosed).

Sony still leads in mirrorless, so it will be interesting to watch as Canon pushes for the number one market position in the coming years.

The presentation is only 7 slides long, but worth a quick scan for those interested.

Not one to apparently remain quiet, Nikon made major waves recently with its acquisition of the RED Digital Cinema company here in California.