HTC One X Quad-Core Super Android – What We Know (it’s hot)

HTC One X could be the one. I passed on the HTC Rezound (boxy, bla), the Motorola Droid Maxx (great battery, slick design, no ICS and no release date for it in sight), and -- gasp! -- even the lauded, heralded, revered Samsung Galaxy Nexus (woeful battery... really bad battery life).

MWC Preview
First Android quad-core superphone
HTC One X: Is this the first quad-core Android?

For starters, it won’t be called the HTC Edge, or Endeavor. Word is that the new HTC super quad-core Android will be called “One” and come in two flavors.

The first – the one you and I want – comes with a 4.7-inch 720p display, Tegra 3 and is called the HTC One X. The other is a 2011-style dual-core called the One S. I’m telling you right now, I didn’t wait 27 months now to swap out my OG Droid for a plain ol’ dual-core.

If you’ve been following along on my increasingly nauseous upgrade dilemma, you’ll know I passed on the HTC Rezound (boxy, bla), the Motorola Droid Maxx (great battery, slick design, no ICS and no release date for it in sight), and — gasp! — even the lauded, heralded, revered Samsung Galaxy Nexus (woeful battery… really bad battery life).

CES was a non-starter when it came to knock-your-socks-off Androids. We got crickets… and lots of lame plastic-o accessories. Move along. Though, to be fair, that Samsung Galaxy Note looks tempting. Ultimately, though, it’s just too big. Way too big. If I want a device that requires two hands (the size of Lebron James) to use I might as well tow along my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Ok, then, that’s the recap.

Bring on MWC.

We’re about 10 days or so from the kick-off in Barcelona, and the hottest device seems to be the HTC One series. I’ll have half an eye on the LG X3, no doubt. And there’s bound to (hopefully) be a surprise or two. For  now though I’m slotting the HTC One X as the lead dog in the race to replace my trusty, but rapidly aging OG Moto Droid circa 2009.

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What we know, the specs:

— Quad-core with NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip (for those that say it won’t matter since apps aren’t yet optimized for the additional cores… see me again in 6 months; trust me, you’ll want quad-, not dual-core)

— 4.7-inch screen (slightly bigger than Nexus, and I hope better quality)

— HTC Sense (the HTC skin is a controversial beast- score me as one that doesn’t like the additional layer. Give me stock ICS, and get those Android updates out to market faster!)

— NO Nexus-like softkeys (bummer that. Context-aware, capacitive buttons seem like the way forward to me. If the retail mock-ups are to be believed, then we’ll see regular ‘ol Android nav keys on the HTC One)

There you have it.

Release date: we’ll have to wait to find out. I’m hoping April, but that could be optimistic.

Pricing-wise: I’m going with $299 for the One X and $199 for the One S (I’d take a Maxx over that).

Quad-core battery life: Ah! The big question! I still believe 2012 to be the year we see better battery life, and more concerted effort by vendors to give us powerful phones that will take us through the work day without forcing us to turn off bluetooth, wi-fi, 4G, etc.

As for a MWC wild-card. Could it be Huawei, the upstart Chinese Android manufacturer?

For now, here’s how I’m ranking my OG Droid replacement prospects:

1. HTC One X

2. LG X3

3. Motorola? Give us a quad-core Maxx pls!

4. Samsung Galaxy II S/Advanced

5. Possibly Huawei

Am I on point here?

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  • mew

    I really like HTC but this just makes me want to go over there and slap someone.  They make great phones, really tempting me to buy one until I see they are going to ruin it by installing HTC Sense.  Count me out of this one.  I’ll stick with my N1 until either they put out a good phone running stock or someone else does.  I refuse to support these companies screwing up someone else’s work with their bloatware.

    • trob6969

      I just don’t get why so many people dislike htc’s sense. I can’t speak on earlier versions of it but sense 3.5 DOESN’T make my phone slow, and it acctually have some features that are BETTER than ics: more camera settings, quicker shortcuts, better contacts management, AND slow-motion video capture!

  • Thanks for the interesting article. Regarding your prospective replacement, your pain points and needs are yours, so there is no right answer.  It sounds like battery life is one of your pain points.  Same here!  If your horizon is a few months out, new devices may make that a non-issue.  For now, Maxx is the best to deal with that problem.  It’s probably a good idea to consider call quality, but your mileage may vary.  In my limited personal experience, Motorola may have the edge, but that could be a non-issue soon.  Regardless of your choice, you will probably really enjoy your new phone.  They have come a long way since the OG Droid.  Good luck!  Craig Herberg

  • Johnnygunns

    im still waiting to upgrade my OG also. lol. thinking about the htc also but i hope we dont regret our decision when the s3 comes out. i am sick of waiting.

  • Masterkui

    I have been in a similar boat, I currently own the HTC desire, the original one, my upgrade was due 4 – 5 months ago, I have been patiently waiting for something great to come out but there hasn’t been much.  If the HTC Amaze was out in the UK where I live I probably would have gone for that but it was never released in the UK, neither was the Rezound (which I wasn’t overly impressed with).  I love my desire and unlike others I like HTC sense so I am planning on sticking with Android and HTC.

    I will likely go for the HTC One X, but that will be dependent on the quality of the camera, I am very picky with anything I buy and always look for the best available at the time. 

    The camera is important for special occasions, I realise a phone cannot replace a proper camera but I am unlikely to always carry a camera with me, but will always have my phone with me.  my old sony ericson w995 cyber shot was awesome for pictures, my HTC desire less so.

     I expect the One X to have improved focal length, a better sensor and faster picture taking. hopefully at least. if it is the bog standard equivalent of the HTC sensation i will not be impressed.

    With regards to the HTC One X, I am also hoping for a bit more RAM than 1gb, its enough now, but whether it will be enough 6-12 months from now, who knows? Plus the Samsung S3 is reportedly going to be 2gb.

    But we will see, my long wait is nearly over, bring on the MWC.

    • casualsuede

      Prepared to be blown away…

  • Caleb Powell

    Isnt the HTC onex dual core in the US? Might want to check that out before committing… :).