Come to Poppa...
Come to Poppa...

Really? This is what it has come to?! How crappy can it get?

MSNBC is going hardball again. Their latest mobile tech “piece” – Android users most likely to use phones on toilet – on is definitely flush worthy:

“The next time an Android user mocks your shiny new iPhone or BlackBerry, just smile, nod … and avoid touching his phone. Because odds are quite high that the device has been used while its owner sat on the toilet at some point — and who knows if he even washed his hands.”

They even had a MSNBC credited photo of an Android smartphone doing a head dive into gator-ville.

Wow, zinger. Or not.

The real story here is that Android users are more likely to tell the truth when asked by a survey marketeer whether they do the evil business while doing the evil business.

We have quad-cores coming in February. Fragmentation is a hot topic in Android circles. And the cool looking Galaxy Note is set to  launch, and will test our notion of how big is too big when it comes to portable devices.

But what do we get from the big guys: CRAP. Crappy Crap. With an equally Crappy headline. As a wonderful family member used to say: crap, turds and balls!

Okay, so it is funny. It was a much needed break from the political stories.