Mesa de la Tierra by Will Callnan III of NBCvideo

The dinner table is a social landscape. You don't really know what's going to happen.
Spotlight - Mill Valley Film Festival

MVFF38 opens with heavy weight films about heavy weight topics.
Tom Hooper - The Danish Girl - Interviewvideo

Stark Insider is on location north of San Francisco for the 38th annual Mill Valley Film Festival. "This script made me cry." Director Tom Hooper is back. We last saw him here on Stark Insider when he introduced the world to The King's Speech. That film, which proved impediments could be...

"Take a deep breath." Who knew?! Breathing is critical to proper camera operation -- at least for the Hollywood pros. Amazing what you can learn on the Internet, and how many talented people are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Such is the case with award-winning cinematographer Sean Bobbitt (Shame,...
Ilana Walder-Biesanz

Welcome Ilana Walder-Biesanz! You may have noticed a new voice on Stark Insider. Ilana spent the last year on a Fullbright Scholarship in Germany watching and writing about theater and opera, and I am so pleased that she opted to contribute her talents to this web site upon returning to San Francisco. (Ilana's...
Dear Armen - San Francisco Review

Armen Ohanian was clearly a fascinating person whose story deserves to be told. A genderqueer Armenian over a century ago, she began life as an "honest woman" in an upper-class family but pursued a career as an artist. She danced on tour in Europe, wrote poetry, and composed Orientalized...
Bai Ling in 'Sacred Blood'

You don't see horror films too often at mainstream film festivals. And you also don't see new Coppola films all that often either. Sacred Blood, thankfully, serves up both. Fortunately I was able to view an advance screening. Scheduled to premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival, this low budget gorefest is the...
Matchbook Wine - The Arsonist Red 2012

Under any normal, rational scenario I'd say -- and I'd suspect you'd agree -- that an arsonist is not such a good thing. But, when it comes to wine... Dunnigan Hills is one of those places, located in the far Northern reaches of California (in Yolo County) that, like Lodi, Mendocino, doesn't...
Samsung Gear S2 Review and Smartwatch Comparison

Wrist Wars II. Is the Samsung Gear S2 an Apple Watch killer? Review, plus comparison to Pebble Time, and Android Wear.
RFK - San Jose Stage Company

Arrow’s got RFK’s pointed elbow jabs, along with hair that falls like Kennedy hair when pushed aside, and a Boston accent that takes me back to Dorchester Ave. where “war” still requires two syllables.
Stark Insider - Loni Dancing on Sushi Roll