Stark Insider On Location: 3 DAYS IN ICELAND. A preview of Clinton Stark's upcoming short film.

Two green thumbs up for Northern Ireland’s Flower Power!

Northern Ireland boasts one of the best gardening climates in the world producing some of the most spectacular gardens in Europe. International travel writer Janice Nieder takes a tour and shares the breathtaking experience.
The Beguiled - Film Review

Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled’ complex, haunting, impressive (Review)

Sofia Coppola received the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival for her film version of The Beguiled, adapted from a 1966 southern gothic novel by Thomas Cullinan. Her intriguing interpretation is complex and haunting, and impressive. Barely had her film been released when critics and the viewing public...

Close Glacial Encounters of the Third Kind in Mat-Su Valley

Glacier Hopping by small plane, helicopter and foot.
Mark and Jay Duplass Interview on filmmaking, Jeff Who Lives at Home (Video)

Here’s one way to possibly fund your next narrative film

Filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass announce new program to help fund up to $25,000 for narrative films made in local communities.
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Twin Peaks, streaming and the challenges of old school TV ratings

In the age of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other streaming services, does things like Nielsen ratings matter anymore?
Twin Peaks Album - A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Twin Peaks fans inspired by return share imaginative artwork

A look at some of the creative artwork being created for David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks The Return (aka Season 3) now playing on Showtime. Twin Peaks has returned, some 25 years later, and that alone is cause for celebration. But there's something else too. As I've discovered there's...
Blade Runner 2049 - Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford on set

Blade Runner 2049: A Roger Deakins masterclass in cinematography

New featurette gives us closest look yet at upcoming sequel to Blade Runner.
Amazon Prime WardrobeAmazon Prime Wardrobe

Prime Wardrobe: Amazon attempts to make buying clothes online easier

New program allows you to order 3-15 items, but only pay for what you keep... with... (no surprise) possible discounts up to 20%.

10 ways Amazon can use Whole Foods acquisition to bolster its shopping stranglehold

From Drone Airports to AmazonBasics and Apple-like Genius Bars, here's how CEO Jeff Bezos and team can make use of its 430+ Whole Foods stores.
Amazon Wand - Scan an item. It's in your cart.

Amazon Dash Wand: Convenience or another step towards transforming our living spaces into retail spaces?

It's either incredibly amazing. Or it's astonishingly creepy. Possibly a bit of both. Amazon today announced a new product that makes it even easier to tap directly into your bank account. The cynic in me might suggest they also took another step towards transforming our living spaces into retail spaces. How many...


North by Northwest II with Cary Grant and Loni Stark




Clinton and Loni Stark talk about making their latest short film Crazy or Die.