Stark Insider: Celebrating 10 years of San Francisco arts, indie film, music and wanderlust (Video)

10 years ago Loni and I started Stark Insider. I opened up a Netscape browser, loaded something called Typepad and "wrote" this piece of profundity.  I guess we still haven't really grown up, refusing to leave the creative bubble this site affords our lives. It's hard to believe a decade has already...
RED Raven allocation email - Stark Insider

Stark Insider Road to RED: Allocation, accessories and… attitude

The Stark Insider Road to RED continues. Yesterday I received the much ballyhooed (at least amongst the REDuser community) "allocation email." The brief communication simply means a camera, in this case a Red Raven, has been allocated in my name, and will ship shortly: Nothing too exciting. Move along. In other news... Sure, but...
Palo Alto Players - Into the Woods - Stark Insider Review

‘Into the Woods’ at Palo Alto Players (Review)

Into the Woods is a difficult show to perform, demanding split-second responses, with nary a rest. Fairytale characters busily weave their assorted tales, while simultaneously operating on a whole different level to subtly remind us that these archetypes live in our heads, inhabiting some deep part of ourselves. These...

Top 10 arthouse films of the last 10 years

The arthouse. Ah, don't we just love spending quality time there? If you're like me, movies -- films -- are best when they don't conform. Explosion-free fare that breaks filmmaking rules and, almost always, taboos is the name of the game. Nothing wrong, of course, with Marvel, Iron Man 3, or Star...

Stark Insider Road to RED Raven: It all starts with a handle

I have the handle. Now all I need is the camera. But this isn't just any ordinary camera handle. No, that's because it's designed and engineered for a RED camera. That means a few things. For one, it must, by law of the land of RED, have a wild name. So: "DSMC2 Outrigger...

The Lion, a roaringly good new musical

“What makes a lion a lion?” Alone onstage with seven guitars, Benjamin Scheuer sings, “My father has an old guitar, and he plays me folk songs.” That’s the start of Benjamin’s passion for music, but it’s also a cause for his troubled relationship with his father. Depressed and quick to...
Swordplay - Targetsvideo

The Art of Swordplay on set of ‘Cyrano’ (Video)

"It has timeless romantic inclinations." Yes, and as I discovered when I visited the set of Cyrano, now playing at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, there's no shortage of dashing swashbuckling. Fight call! In this Stark Insider episode I meet up with the love-torn, nose-challenged Cyrano himself (J. Anthony Crane) and Jonathan Rider, a...
SF Opera Lab - Triplets of Belleville Review

A swinging Belleville rendezvous at San Francisco Opera Lab

In 2004, Finding Nemo won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. It beat out a very different finalist: the bizarre French-Québécois film The Triplets of Belleville. This near-silent movie with a swinging jazz score is an imaginative adventure set during the Tour de France. The cyclist Champion is...



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