Stark Insider Feature
BY | 02.25.15
Loni Stark

Watch Mat Kearney talk about his fifth studio album, ‘Just Kids’. Plus, concert highlights from Live in the Vineyard featuring “Ships in the Night” and a stripped down version of “Just Kids”.

Home Gardening
BY | 03.02.15
Loni Stark

Here’s how to build your own planter box. Download my simple plans (pdf), includes materials list, instructions and diagrams. Enjoy yard-to-table veggies for years to come. A delicious, rewarding project.

Bay Area Events
BY | 03.02.15

One of the most highly anticipated tours of 2015 touches down in San Jose later this year. Organizers have announced that Madonna will perform at the SAP Center on October 19. The Rebel Heart tour kicks off in Miami, and is scheduled for a total of 35 cities, including New York, Chicago and Montreal, and a series […]

Inside the sound
BY | 03.02.15

Tonight, however, it was impossible not to appreciate the intense attack that began the first movement of this four movement quartet, and the color evident throughout it. Incredibly rich and complex, as performed by the IQ, it seemed impossible that this was a string quartet.

Clowns gone wrong
BY | 02.27.15

Dystopic though it may be, there’s forward energy here, if only out of the struggle for more lines, and the rights to those lines.

BY | 02.18.15
Clinton Stark

My wife wants an Apple Watch. She’s an unapologetic laggard. Is that reason enough to say that Apple understands wearables better than anyone?

California Wine
BY | 02.23.15

Photo recap of Premiere Napa Valley, including barrel tasting, lunch at the Culinary Institute of America, and a record-setting wine auction that raised $6 million for non-profit Napa Valley Vintners.

Stark Insider TV: Beat’s So Lonely at Union Square (Video)

Before we saw a show Saturday night at A.C.T. in San Francisco we gave ourselves a video challenge: an 80’s video music homage shot in Union Square with a Canon EOS 70D in just 30 minutes.

BY | 02.23.15
Cy Ashley Webb

Tyler Bennett’s performance of Seurat had such depth and nuance that it recalls the old Anna Deavere Smith bit about good acting being the furthest thing from lying that she’s encountered.

Wrong’s What I Do Best (Video)

“These sincerely deluded, tragicomic figures inhabited characters of their own making, to personal peril and kindling for public legend.”

Stark Insider is Motorin’ (5 Years, 500 videos)

The creative aspect of running a new media venture such as SI and producing videos has been a challenging, frustrating, rewarding, unpredictable, mile-burning, thankful, inspiring endeavor.

Stark Insider TV: The Art of Hall Wines (Napa Valley Festival del Sole)

An out-of-body experience in Napa. Craig and Kathryn Hall give me a tour of their art collection at Hall Wines. But not without a surprise or two.