Bentonville Walmart Museum

Wanderlust: The little town that could… and did!

Travel writer Janice Nieder explores the charming town of Bentonville, Arkansas and discovers art, whimsical museums, and Walmart founder Sam Walton's prophetic to-do list.
LG Watch Sport

Google should kill Android Wear, reboot wearable strategy

Asus is out. If reports are true the company will no longer make smartwatches that run the Android Wear operating system. Officially last year Motorola also bowed out -- especially surprising given it was the first, and much hyped, manufacturer to hit the Wear market with the (quite beautiful) Moto 360. Then...
King Arthur Film Review: Jude Law

Film Review: An entertaining ‘King Arthur’ (Legend of the Sword)

Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' (Legend of the Sword) opens today. Film critic Jeanne Powell has a first look review for Stark Insider. The new Warner Brothers film based on the legend of King Arthur has potential to be a blockbuster this summer. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the picture clearly targets...

Blade Runner 2049 Official Trailer: The best moment is…

There's a lot to like about the just released official trailer for Blade Runner 2049. The sequel to the almost-best-ever sci-fi movie (#1 would be Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey) is, in a cliche, stunning. With film veteran Roger Deakins helming the cinematography rest assured we expected it to...
Covington Ghost Tour

A Zombie, Vampire and Werewolf walk into a bar…

Only in Georgia is this not the beginning of a joke but a frequent occurrence! Did you know that Georgia is rated number three in film/TV production? No wonder it’s nicknamed the “Hollywood of the South” since almost 250 shows were shot here last year. Three films nominated at this...

Montalvo Arts Center reveals 2017 summer concert series

Jay Leno, The B-52s, Gregory Porter lead strong summer concert line-up at historic outdoor Lilian Fontaine Garden Theatre.

Crazy or Die… and you thought it would be easy?

1 day to go. Visit Stark Insider on 05.03.2017 to watch new short film Crazy or Die starring Loni Stark. Meanwhile...
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North by Northwest II with Cary Grant and Loni Stark




Stark Insider goes backstage at the Orpheum in San Francisco as actor Eric Petersen transforms into everyone’s favorite swamp ogre, Shrek himself. The process takes 2 hours every night, and involves film-caliber makeup and prosthetics.