Stark Insider TV
BY | 07.24.14
Loni Stark

Andrew Ripp talks about the music business, finding hope, and the creative process. Watch the interview, plus concert highlights from show at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa.

ride that pony home!
BY | 07.22.14
Cy Ashley Webb

The Naked Empire Buffoon Company (Sabrina Wensky and Cara McClendon) could give John Belushi’s killer bees a run for their money. These two combine the petulance of an ill-mannered child with the wiles of a Chechen terrorist.

In Tech
BY | 07.23.14

Windows to become one platform. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has wasted little time in making sweeping changes; all the while, it is clear that this is his company.

into the belly of the beast...
BY | 07.21.14

Broadly, energy on stage fits one of three patterns: the fierce, isolated intensity of Ahab, the compliant, but detached skepticism of Starbuck, and the intentionally unfocused direction of the rest of the cast. This tripartite energy division serves the action well.

Stark Insider
BY | 07.17.14

Colbie Caillat takes to the stage this weekend at Robert Mondavi Winery. Singer-songwriter Andrew Ripp opens.

Silicon Valley
BY | 07.14.14

If Apple can’t deliver a large 5.5-inch iPhone before the holiday season it could be, if not a big blow, at least a crimp in Q4 sales.

Wine Country
BY | 05.27.14

Video highlights from the annual Russian River Valley Pinot Classic and Paulée in Sonoma. Including a tour by Jean-Charles Boisset of the 18th century appointed grounds at DeLoach Vineyards.

Stark Insider TV: ‘Soul Searching’ in Baja (Video)

Loreto landmarks and locations in “Soul Searching” include: downtown Loreto, El Rey del Taco (the best taco in the world!), City Hall, the Malecon and Sea of Cortez, and the Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto (Baja’s first mission).

BY | 07.01.14
Cy Ashley Webb

Don’t be afraid of letting your gaze linger on individual dancers. Choreographer Nicole Helfer has a good sense of what you’ll be looking at — and just as important — what you can’t miss.

Stark Insider TV: Barrel Tasting in Livermore Wine Country (Rain Edition)

We put the never-rains theory to test in Livermore during barrel tasting weekend. Stops include Concannon, Darcie Kent and 3 Steves.

The Artist Diaries: The Good, the Bad and the Foggy (VIDEO)

With just one day, the goal was to setup, confront the Golden Gate Bridge, and paint it into submission. Only one problem: That pesky fog.

Patent Pending – What impact do patents have on artists, ownership and invention? (VIDEO)

In Silicon Valley, the word “patent” has taken on an unfortunately negative connotation, most notably in light of the Apple vs. Samsung kerfuffle. But what about patents and the arts?