Stark Insider TV
BY | 07.24.14
Loni Stark

Andrew Ripp talks about the music business, finding hope, and the creative process. Watch the interview, plus concert highlights from show at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa.

Theater & Arts
BY | 07.30.14
Cy Ashley Webb

“Chopin is the angel of all pianists,” says Felder, “he really was able to take piano to new heights that hadn’t been seen before him. All these years later, we still strive to create the magic that he supposedly created at the instrument… it’s really ethereal.”

BY | 07.31.14

Google gains, while Apple loses market share for Q2 2014. Meanwhile, Chinese vendors Huwaei, Lenovo and Xiaomi are making inroads in handset shipments.

Wine News
BY | 07.29.14

2014 Harvest in Napa starts a few days early. Napa Valley Vintners says most are “predicting an abundant, high-quality harvest for the third year in a row.”

New Media
BY | 07.28.14

What is is about comedians and cars? Both Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld land Emmy nods for their web shows.

Silicon Valley
BY | 07.14.14

If Apple can’t deliver a large 5.5-inch iPhone before the holiday season it could be, if not a big blow, at least a crimp in Q4 sales.

Wine Country
BY | 05.27.14

Video highlights from the annual Russian River Valley Pinot Classic and Paulée in Sonoma. Including a tour by Jean-Charles Boisset of the 18th century appointed grounds at DeLoach Vineyards.

Stark Insider TV: Barrel Tasting in Livermore Wine Country (Rain Edition)

We put the never-rains theory to test in Livermore during barrel tasting weekend. Stops include Concannon, Darcie Kent and 3 Steves.

BY | 07.21.14
Cy Ashley Webb

Broadly, energy on stage fits one of three patterns: the fierce, isolated intensity of Ahab, the compliant, but detached skepticism of Starbuck, and the intentionally unfocused direction of the rest of the cast. This tripartite energy division serves the action well.

Stark Insider TV: Best of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

There was (of course) much tomfoolery to be had, with full grown adults, including your humble narrators, willfully playing the part.

Behind-the-scenes at Cirque du Soleil ‘Amaluna’ (VIDEO)

Amaluna (mother, in many languages) invites the audience to a mysterious island governed by Goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon.

Inside Downton Abbey with Mrs. Patmore (VIDEO)

An in-depth discussion of Downton Abbey, Season 4 with Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol). Castro Theatre, San Francisco.