Bosch 800 Series Superautomatic Espresso Machine Touch Display UI

Something is brewing!

So says the landing page for a preview of new super automatic espresso machines made by Bosch.

The German conglomerate took advantage of the CES trade show not only to release some details (Business Wire press release on Yahoo! Finance), but also to announce the new line was a “CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree.” A promising start for the forthcoming products.

Dubbed the 800 Series, Bosch didn’t reveal full specs yet, or even pricing, but the company did highlight a few key features worth noting including:

  • Ceramic grinder
  • Smart water pump that adjusts flow rate
  • Automatically optimized brew temperature
  • 5″ touch display
  • Home Connect and app
  • 35 beverage options (on “select models”)

Over on the Bosch web site you can find some photos of the upcoming machines (see below). From what I can tell, there’s am attachable carafe that sits on the left which will be used to make milk-based espresso drinks such as Lattes, Latte Macchiatos and Cappuccinos — similar to what competitors like Philips offers with the LatteGo.

Bosch Coffee Machines - 800 Series Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine

Up top on the front panel sits a pretty looking 5″ display. It looks like Bosch has really worked carefully on UI design. Of course this could be AI/CGI rendered at this point, but if this is indicative of the final result, the display will have modern graphics with slick visual representations of each beverage.

A nifty option that should appeal to households with a variety of tastes is the option to brew different coffee grinds. Bosch says a second container can be purchased for different grounds. Presumably this would mean you could have decaf beans as an alternative. Hard to say for sure the details, but it sounds like this is a possibility and we’ll know more in the coming months on the specifics here.

Finally, upon inspection of the lead photo of the Bosch 800 Series espresso machine I notice the water tank. Integrated into the right side, it sits flush with the unit. At this point we don’t know if there’ll be some sort of filtration system, but I’d wager that it will as the competition mostly do, and it helps preserve the longevity of the brew unit and other internals.


First Look: Jura ENA 8 super-automatic espresso machine

Again, no idea about price. But we can guess! I’d say the two most likely at-home espresso machine competitors are Jura (Switzerland) and Miele (Germany). Comparable machines, say the S8 and CM6160, retail for $2,899 and $2,300 USD respectively. So that should give us some idea. Given Bosch is positioned as a premium brand with aspirational branding/marketing I would not expect to see these things sell at the Philips LatteGo level (which are quite good value). Instead expect up-market products with up-market prices to match.

Bosch says to look for the new 800 Series fully-automatic espresso machines in Spring of 2024.

Clinton Stark
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