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Twin Peaks The Return Review

Twin Peaks Returns: David Lynch doubles down on Lynchian (Review)

It is happening again, this time on Showtime. And legions of David Lynch and Twin Peaks fans are welcoming the director's swan song with open arms (and cherry pies).

Happy Halloween: Watch John Malkovich re-enact famous David Lynch characters (Video)

I didn't see this one coming. Then again, when you're talking about David Lynch and John Malkovich the word "predictable" doesn't readily come to mind. Instead, we've got an insane, cool, weird project unfolding over the next week in a series of daily vignette. In the web series Playing Lynch...

Theater Review: ‘Circus Finelli’ is David Lynch approved entertainment – Nein!

Normally I prefer to receive facial punishment at the end of the night - either that or on ice during a hockey game; you know, when I really deserve it. Saturday night in San Francisco, however, was a most unusual exception. Not only would I receive a slap to...