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Kindle and the new car smell

Maybe it's the effects of nostalgia setting in...looking at paperbacks of the past through red wine-colored spectacles.
Home Office Bookshelf

Do Kindles make bookshelves obsolete?

Just as much as they are heavy and bulky to carry around, nothing proclaims progress than having two books you've finished reading neatly stood up on a bookshelf.

Case of the Kindle cases: Let there be light

As the passenger in a car that travels frequently up and down 280 and 101 highways, there are several occasions I want to read on my Kindle when it's dark.
Amazon Kindle 3

Review: Amazon Kindle 3

Kindle is a dream come true. In the words of Jules Verne, "liberty is worth paying for."
Loni goes Digital with Amazon Kindle 3

The Amazon Kindle Experience: From paper to digital

I wanted to make sure I wasn't one of those people still clinging onto stone tablets and scrolls while others carried books. At least I would try out a new reading device.
Amazon Kindle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

How to buy a book on Amazon Kindle

We've had the new Amazon Kindle 3 since Friday, and continue to put it through its paces. Mind you, this is not the kind of gadget that warrants CPU or graphics benchmarks. Rather, it's about the experience. How easy is it to read on the Kindle? And does it...
Hey iPad, over here!

Amazon Kindle 3: 7 Features To Die For

My fingers are compelled to touch the screen. Call it the Apple effect.
Amazon Kindle 3 Hands On

Amazon Kindle 3: Unboxing, first impressions

If you want to surf the web in color, run Apps, play games, catch up on social networks, then the iPad is it. But for people who love to read, the Amazon Kindle 3--especially at only $139--is a superb choice.