David Bowie’s Arrived on Peloton

David Bowie remixes have arrived on Peloton… but first…

There’s no shortage of bad news for Peloton Interactive, Inc. these days (NASDAQ: PTON) — not to mention the markets and overall global economy. After growing exceedingly fast during the pandemic, ramping from the beginning of 2020, the company has seen demand soften for its smart connected bikes and treadmills through 2021; in dramatic fashion if you happen to follow the stock. Now Peloton is hiking prices, tacking on delivery charges and various fees and has, according to reports, hired McKinsey to help make decisions related to staffing and other cost-saving measures.

As one of the Pandemic Peloton buyers (March 2020 here in the Bay Area) I’m heavily committed to the platform. The Bike is one of the key reasons I’ve been able to maintain (or try to maintain!) fitness during Covid. With gym closures, it’s just simply a great at-home alternative. Toss in the added benefit of classes like yoga, core and strength training, meditation, cardio among so many others and you have a well-rounded catalog of content to keep you physically as well as mentally fit during some challenging times.

Competition, though, has arrived. Most notably in the form of Apple and its new Fitness+ platform. So times are tough for Peloton — at least at the corporate level.

In any case, all that to say:

Peloton has announced “The David Bowie Collection.”

Beginning January 19 you’ll be able to “jump, run and pedal into his world” with Peloton instructors.

In addition to the Bowie tracks, look for three brand-new remixes — “Let’s Dance” / “It’s No Game, Pt. 1” / “Golden Years” — from Honey Dijon, St. Vincent and TOKiMONSTA.

The David Bowie Collection

By Peloton
January 19, 2022

David Bowie Peloton

“Launching on January 19, 2022, you can take off into Bowie’s world and rock out while you work out. Whether you want to take a ride, run, yoga or strength class, you can work out to Bowie’s catalogue alongside Ben Alldis, Nico Sarani, Cliff Dwenger, Susie Chan, Leanne Hainsby, Denis Morton, Selena Samuela and Jess King. The classes will live within the David Bowie Collection, under “Collections,” from the Peloton App or Peloton hardware touchscreen. Switch up your routine with a variety of workouts across the Peloton Bike, Tread and App.”

Source: Peloton “The Output” Blog

Long-time Peloton customers know that from time to time the company licenses brand-name, high profile artists — most recently Taylor Swift. Given the importance of good music while working out the idea is a sound one. Plus the marketing hype helps bring attention, of course, to Peloton.

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I know that when Loni Stark wants to listen (yet. again.) to “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift, she opts to do it while taking the Ben Alldis 10-minute stretch. Why not take a break from the computer to stretch a bit and listen to one of your favorite songs at the same time?