Peloton Bike - Product Announcement, Price Changes

PSA for Peloton riders: a new feature has dropped.

When you log into your bikes today you should see a pop-up box announcing that subtitles are now available for live classes.

To enable it go it into settings and turn them on. I should not I just finished a Denis Morton live ride and could not find a way to activate them (under settings -> subtitles). Either I’m looking in the wrong place or we just need be a bit patient as the feature rolls out.

In any case this is great news.

We’ve had subtitles available for on-demand rides, and now if you need them you can enable them for live rides.

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Previously if I wanted to take a break from Peloton programming and listen to my own music (typically on a less challenging class like a low impact ride) then I’d stream my own music from my phone and turn on the sub-titles. That way it’s the best of both worlds. I can follow along with the instructor and be-bop to my own tunes. Being able to do this now to live rides opens up more opportunities to do so.

The new feature announcement for live subtitles looks like this:

Peloton New Feature Alert: Subtitles for live classes now available

Not a whole lot more to add here, other than it’s nice to see Peloton continue to add new stuff here and there. At this point it mostly appears to be refinement. As it stands the Peloton experience is just top notch all the way around I have nothing to complain about as I head into about 18 months of ownership. I simply do not miss the gym. At all.

In other news Peloton Interactive, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON) reported Q4 earnings today — and cut the price of the bike.